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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Exactly on this day, Google Doodle displays the face of one of Indonesia's senior artists, namely the late Aminah Cendrakasih, who was famously called “Mak Nyak” in the old series Si Doel Anak Sekolahan.

As is known, January 29 is the birthday of this woman who was born in Magelang in 1938.

According to information on Wikipedia, Since 1955 until 1989 Aminah alone has starred in around 101 films, both as supporting and main actors. Aminah won many awards in the professional field because of her loyalty in the world of film.

But in the end, glaucoma made Aminah lose her sight and become paralyzed. When she was suffering from this disease, Aminah was also reported to be experiencing financial difficulties.

Because her family could not afford to hire a household assistant to care for her, her children and relatives took care of her until Aminah breathed her last breath on December 21 2022.

The following are a number of financial lessons that can be taken from Aminah Cendrakasih's life story.

Collecting retirement funds must be done while you are young

Even though the income in the entertainment world is quite large, the career risks in this field are also large. Skills regarding personal and family financial management are very much needed.

Pension funds are certainly something that is really needed by everyone in old age, because the body becomes increasingly tired from working.

The process of collecting retirement funds is not as easy as turning over the palm of your hand, you have to start setting aside money early while you are still productive.

Health insurance is important

When someone does not have health insurance, either in the form of BPJS or health insurance, it is likely that personal savings will be used to pay for medical expenses.

So far there has never been any news or news highlighting Aminah's health insurance. However, this should certainly be a lesson for you, so that you can secure your finances in the future.

Critical illness insurance could be a solution

One thing that may be forgotten is critical illness insurance. This insurance is not the same as health insurance, because the way critical illness insurance works is by providing compensation in the form of cash when someone is diagnosed with a critical illness.

With critical illness insurance, the disbursed compensation money can be used to survive when he is not being treated in hospital. One of them is paying for professional nursing services for the elderly.

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