Learn from Finnish People, Stay Away from These 3 Things If You Want to Be Happy

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Finnish people have a life principle of “Kell' onni on, se onnen kätkeköön,” which means “Don't compare or brag about your happiness.” This principle is believed to be one of the factors that makes Finland the happiest nation in the world.

In fact, this country in northern Europe has consistently ranked first in the World Happiness Report for six years in a row!

So, what is the secret that makes Finnish people the happiest people in the world? Finnish philosopher and psychologist, Frank Martela, revealed that there are 3 things that Finnish people never do which are believed to be the recipe for their happiness.

1. Comparing Yourself with Others

Martela said that Finnish people never show off their wealth to others and always behave modestly. Because, they really adhere to the saying “Kell' onni on, se onnen kätkeköön,” which means “Don't compare or brag about your happiness.”

One of the principles of happiness believed by Finnish people is to focus on what makes you happy and never show off your success. They think the first step to true happiness is to set your own standards and not compare yourself to others.

2. Ignoring nature

Based on the results of the Sitra survey in 2021, 87 percent of Finnish people think that nature has an important role in human life because it provides peace of mind, energy and relaxation.

In Finland, every employee is entitled to four weeks or a month of summer vacation. Usually, they will use the holiday to vacation in the countryside and 'become one' with nature. The fewer modern appliances, even to the point of no electricity or running water in the house, the better.

For Finnish people, spending time in nature can improve the ability to survive, well-being, and improve the process of self-development.

3. Taking other people's rights

Based on research results from the National Bureau of Economic Research, a country's happiness scale will be higher if the level of honesty and trust in its people is high.

Meanwhile, Reader's Digest in 2022 conducted a 'lost wallet' experiment in a number of countries around the world to test people's honesty. In the experiment, researchers dropped 192 wallets in 16 cities around the world.

As a result, 11 of the 12 wallets dropped in Helsinki, Finland were returned to their respective owners.

According to Martela, Finnish people tend to trust each other and value honesty. Martela guarantees that Finnish people will definitely return valuables left in public places or will not take items that are deliberately left behind temporarily by their owners.

In fact, children in Finland often take public buses home from school and play outside without adult supervision. This proves that Finland is a safe country.

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