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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – National football player Kurnia Meiga Hermansyah has become a topic of conversation again in the last few days. Viral video of him selling chips and jerseys.

Not only that, his domestic problems also came to light after his ex-wife opened her voice at various events. The Arema legend is also said to be an alcoholic and had committed domestic violence.

Some time ago, this goalkeeper was forced to sell all his medals to pay for medical expenses due to eye problems since 2017.

Of course, it is very sad to see that Kurnia, who was once the pride of Indonesia, is living a difficult life in the future. Kurnia should be able to follow in the footsteps of other successful football athletes in the business or investment world in the future.

After strengthening Arema FC since 2008 and leading the football club to become Indonesian League champions, Kurnia Meiga finally retired in 2019.

Previously, the house belonging to the 1990 birth was also reported to have been damaged due to a natural disaster. Kurnia is also still struggling to solve her housing problem.

Learning from Kurnia's life story, financial foundation is a very important thing for anyone to have, whether they work as athletes or employees.

Because without a good financial foundation, savings can be drained when disaster strikes. And that was the beginning of a personal economic downturn.

So how do you build a strong financial foundation? Following are the steps you must do.

Having an emergency fund within the ideal limits

An emergency fund is actually a fund prepared to anticipate all urgent matters, including those related to loss of income.

As someone with a variable income, whether you are an artist, musician, entrepreneur or freelancer, the amount of emergency funds needed is of course not the same as an employee.

For those with irregular incomes, it is highly recommended to have an emergency fund equal to at least 12 times your monthly expenses. Meanwhile, for employees, the ideal emergency fund is three times the monthly expenses (for those who are single), and a minimum of six times the monthly expenses for those who already have dependents.

Health insurance after having emergency funds

There are two types of health insurance, some from the government and some from the private sector. When you feel that it is still too expensive to pay private insurance premiums, then government insurance, aka BPJS Health, could be a solution.

The purpose of having health insurance is none other than so that the savings we have are not eroded if we have to seek treatment because we are sick.

Expensive medical costs will not only erode your savings but can also force you to sell assets for treatment.

Life insurance if you have dependents

As a breadwinner, you must be aware that death is certain and that it will create a financial burden for your loved ones.

With life insurance, there will be compensation money received when you lose your ability to fulfill your responsibilities as a breadwinner. It could be because you experience total permanent disability or death.

Property insurance

Financial losses due to damage to a house or other assets can actually be mitigated with property insurance. However, this insurance is complementary or as a complement to protection.

When there is damage or loss of property owned, the insurance company will provide compensation money to compensate for this.

It would be better for you to fulfill health insurance and other insurance first before buying property insurance.

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