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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Reza Abdul Jabbar, husband of former artist Peggy Melati Sukma explained a lot about the agricultural and livestock business. The Indonesian man who lives in New Zealand reportedly already owns 1,000 hectares of land and 5 thousand head of cattle.

Reza said that farming and livestock businesses in New Zealand are generally not carried out by conglomerates, but rather by the community.

“The players are owner operators, we are not agricultural entrepreneurs but 'farmer entrepreneurs,' so the DNA is farmers and breeders,” said Reza in a podcast with Deryansha Azhary.

Apart from that, the assets owned by the farmers there are real. This is a security factor that is worth highlighting.

“It's not just that there is no depreciation (of assets in the business), there is appreciation. It's impossible for land to depreciate, because we are like this, in New Zealand we buy ownership certificates. This is very important, we have a certificate for just how much (the size of the land is), There is no limit to anyone who wants to buy more, please do,” he stressed.

Reza added that the security factor is what makes many people dare to invest in agriculture and animal husbandry.

“Agriculture and animal husbandry are different, this is not like a building that depreciates. It gets better and better every year, more productive,” he continued.

However, reflecting on New Zealand which is full of highlands, can Reza's success be achieved by those who want to enter a similar field in Indonesia?

“There's no story that it can't be done, everything is possible with goodwill. But of course there are several factors that have to come into play, for example, clear regulations for farmers and breeders, goodwill from the government to support this industry,” added Reza.

According to him, a country cannot be said to be sovereign if the country is not food sovereign. One thing that is different between developed and developing countries regarding food, according to Reza, is that the food stock in developed countries is generally 20 days, while in developing countries it is only six to eight days.

“If for 20 days not a single ship (of food) arrives, what will happen to our (food) stocks,” he stressed.

So far, Reza said that agricultural areas in New Zealand cannot be compared with areas in Indonesia which are often used as agricultural areas. The total consumption of dairy products in the country from domestic livestock is only 4% while the rest is exported.

“New Zealand is indeed as big as Japan, the UK, that's it, but among all the dairy product trade in the world, we hold 40 to 50%. Not the biggest producer, but the biggest seller in the world market. “If we talk about the biggest producer, that's India, they have hundreds of millions, right, but it's eaten domestically, not much is sold outside,” he continued.

If we look at Statista data in July 2023, the largest cow's milk producing country in the world in July 2023 is the European Union, while India is in third place. However, if we look at it in terms of consumption, Bollywood is in first place.

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