Learn from the Prophet Muhammad, do this to become rich

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Prophet Muhammad was born and grew up in Mecca. At that time, Mecca was a trade center connecting China and Europe. So, it is not surprising that many rich people appeared in this city, including the Prophet Muhammad himself.

Before becoming rich, the Prophet Muhammad also felt the pain of earning money. As a child, the Prophet Muhammad, who was an orphan and was raised by his uncle, began working as a goat herder. The money he earns from his work is given to his uncle to survive.

When he grew up, the Prophet Muhammad looked for a new job, namely working with a rich businesswoman named Khadijah. Coincidentally, Khadijah was in the cloth business. The Prophet Muhammad was often assigned to sell cloth in locations far from the city of Mecca.

Having time to herd goats and sell cloth made Prophet Muhammad's business skills begin to hone. With this capital, the Prophet began to build his own wealth. The prophet's way of cultivating wealth was by investing based on the skills he had.

Quoting research “The Rasulullah Way of Business” (2021), the Prophet Muhammad attempted to invest in the livestock, land and property sectors. Initially, the Prophet Muhammad attracting investors to want to put money in their business. Knowing the Prophet Muhammad as an honest and trustworthy figure, investors did not hesitate to invest. Especially after the Prophet promised to share business profits.

It was only after the money had accumulated that the Prophet Muhammad went into livestock business. The Prophet is known to have owned a camel farm of up to dozens of heads. At that time, livestock ownership was indeed the most valuable asset of the people of Makkah.

Apart from raising livestock, the Prophet also invests in land and property. mquote MusaffaProphet Muhammad SAW made his first investment by renting land to Jews with a profit sharing concept.

He rented date plantations and land in Khaybar to Jews. During that period, he let them stay on the land, cultivate it, and share the profits at the end. The concept of such profit sharing is then defined as mudharabah .

However, the basic thing that can be learned in investment and business in the style of the Prophet Muhammad is that we must give alms. Islam has taught that other people have rights in our wealth. And every time we help other people we will get extraordinary benefits.

It is on this basis that the Prophet Muhammad did not hoard his own wealth. Even though he was very rich, the Prophet Muhammad liked to give alms, whether in the form of money, clothes or food.

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