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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – News about Verrell Bramasta's house suddenly went viral recently. Naturally, the house is on 1,000 meters of land and is thought to be worth up to IDR 50 billion.

When asked about the price of the house, Venna Melinda's daughter said that she had not applied for financing or a loan to build the house.

“Thank God, up to this moment there is no debt,” said Verrell Bramasta in Sentul, West Java, as quoted by detik (19/2/2024).

Not only that, Verrell also said that he did not understand Home Ownership Credit (KPR), which is often used by many people who want to buy a house.

Previously, Verrell had said that the process of building the house was carried out slowly. Every month, he sets aside money from his sweat in the entertainment world to be able to build this luxury house.

“Yes, thank God, it's called entertainment, I don't like it clearly, sometimes when we get a lot of work, Alhamdulillah, only for this house, I saved a lot from endorsements, from years of advertisements that didn't make sense. From buying the land first, building the house and designing the interior ,” he explained again.

Interested in following Verrell's way of buying a house? Just do a few things below.

Don't be impulsive in household matters

If you intend to buy a house without financing, then you definitely won't get it in the near future unless you get a shock of money that is worth the same as the house.

You must plan well starting from determining when you will buy a house, and what kind of house you want.

From this method, you will be wiser in determining what kind of house criteria suit your financial condition.

When you know the price of the house you want to buy, and make a target for when you will buy it. If this has been done, a big picture will emerge regarding the money allocated each month to save for building a house.

Control monthly expenses

Don't hesitate to stay at your parents' or relatives' house. Or if it's not possible, renting or boarding first isn't a problem, you can still allocate money every month to save for buying a house.

The important thing you have to do at that time is control your monthly expenses, so that you can collect more money to buy a house in the future.

Don't worry because house prices will continue to rise. Your finances are much more important than the increase in home prices on the market.

When there is a bonus or THR, don't spend it on consumptive needs, allocate half or all of it to savings to buy a house.

There's no harm in buying land first

If a house isn't your top priority yet, learn from Verrell who is slowly buying land first. In this way, you can have more freedom in choosing contractors, materials, and so on to build your dream home.

Banks actually have a product called land ownership credit (KPT), which can make it easier for you to own land on credit.

However, if the path you want to take is without debt, the first thing you have to do is plan to buy land.

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