Learning from Kadir, Homes Can Be Lost Due to Critical Illness! My Money – 6 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Comedian Kadir Srimulat apparently decided to sell his assets to make a living, one of which was his house. This was because in five years, Kadir had not found a job.

“If you say I miss you, I still miss you, but is it possible for me to be young again? Right? Now I just have to survive, maintain my health, maintain what I have,” said Kadir Srimulat during a visit to Transmedia, as quoted by detik.com.

Kadir also said that currently he is more focused on maintaining health.

“Finally, I just sold the land. If I sold the house, it was just for everyday use because at that time I was unemployed. Yes, but the house is not the main house in Jakarta, it's the house in my village,” he said.

The proceeds from the sale of his house in 2006 were used to buy a new car, install rings and learn how to set up a business.

Reportedly, after Kadir had a heart attack in 2001, he immediately lost his job. After running the Soto Kudus business and selling assets, Kadir was able to focus on his financial affairs.

Learn from Kadir, as a worker in the entertainment world or freelancer you must have several of the things below.

Sufficient emergency fund

Emergency fund savings are savings that we should prepare to face urgent situations. Call it loss of income due to layoffs, risks of freelance work, or business risks.

If we are someone with an irregular income because we work in the entertainment world, then it would be a good idea for us to prepare an emergency fund equivalent to at least a year's worth of basic and mandatory needs to anticipate the risk of this income.

Without emergency funds, we are forced to sell assets so we can face this problem.

If you are a single employee, an emergency fund of three times your monthly expenses is enough. If you already have dependents, have an emergency fund equal to at least six times your monthly expenses.

And if you are a freelance worker, have an emergency fund equivalent to 12 times your monthly expenses.

Health Insurance

Private health insurance is divided into two types. If we look at the method of covering the benefits, health insurance is divided into two types. Hospital benefits and hospital cash plans.

In fact, the function of these two insurances is the same, namely covering your medical costs while undergoing treatment in hospital. However, the coverage mechanism is different.

Hospital benefits insurance usually provides protection for a number of categories. Call it for outpatient care, inpatient care, as well as other benefits such as operating costs, doctors, and so on.

Meanwhile, the hospital cash plan (HCP) is insurance that provides daily compensation when you are hospitalized.

If you feel that private insurance premiums are too expensive, then BPJS Health is the solution. When you have health insurance with sufficient benefits, you no longer need to dip into your savings or sell assets for treatment.

Critical illness insurance

Critical illness insurance is not the same as health insurance, because the way this insurance works is by providing compensation in the form of cash when someone is diagnosed with a critical illness.

As a result, when someone is diagnosed with this disease, they can stop working and focus on recovery. Because there is insurance money that can be used to pay for life.

As a result, the assets remain intact and can be passed on to heirs, while the recovery process can take place in a conducive manner.

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