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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Right on Sunday (24/12), the wedding ceremony of Pinkan Mambo and TikTokers Arya Khan spread on social media. During the procession, Arya gave a dowry of IDR 100 thousand to Pinkan.

“I accepted Pinkan Ratnasari bint Yoke Mambo's marriage and marriage with a dowry of IDR 100 thousand in cash,” said Arya Khan, in a video uploaded to the Lambe Turah account.

After being declared legally husband and wife, Pinkan Mambo, she then received the dowry money, then kissed her husband's hand.

Talking about the Rp. 100 thousand dowry received by Pinkan, Pinkan is part of a series of celebrities who received a cheap dowry.

The wedding ceremony of Pinkan Mambo and her lover also looked very simple at home. Pinkan Mambo and Arya are seen sitting on the floor side by side. Instead of wearing a wedding dress, Pinkan Mambo wore a robe.

For example, Laudya Cynthia Bella and Teuku Imran's wedding dowry amounted to 300 RM or Rp. 946 thousand when their wedding took place. Likewise with the wedding of Nia Ramadhani and Ardi Bakrie with a dowry of IDR 2 thousand silver which symbolizes their wedding year in 2015.

The size of the dowry is sometimes seen as a measure of a man's status, even though the size of a dowry does not affect the legal conditions for a marriage. Learning from the Pinkan Mambo wedding, weddings can be held in a simple way.

Is it normal to spend a lot of money on a wedding?

Assessing whether or not the dowry is worth the same as a house is reasonable, of course this depends on the financial capabilities of the person concerned.

For a party that only lasts a few hours, of course it is not wise for someone to let their savings run out immediately.

No matter how expensive a wedding celebration is, the most important thing about a wedding is life after the party. A person will enter a new phase of life which will of course be faced with new financial challenges.

Those who used to be able to live frugally are now challenged to be able to support and make their families happy. This of course has an impact on increasing spending, including plans for family holidays, plans to buy a house, plans for children's education costs, and so on.

Even though there is a desire to have a simple marriage in order to maintain finances in the future, family demands can force someone to abandon this intention.

To anticipate large expenses in financing a wedding, all forms of expenses should be prepared well in advance according to financial capabilities.

You can start allocating money for wedding savings every month from 10% of your income.

The longer the time period for preparing wedding funds, the easier the process will be. Vice versa, the shorter your deadline, the greater the funds you have to set aside each month.

It's not just about marriage. Other matters such as costs for preparing for the birth of children, education, etc. should also be prepared well in advance while you are still productive at work.

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