Legitimate! North Korea Helped Russia in the Ukraine War, Here's the Proof News – 2 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – North Korea officially helped Russia in the war with Ukraine. This can be seen from the ballistic missile attacks supplied by North Korea.

This information was conveyed by the United States (US) White House on Thursday (4/1/2024) local time. National security council spokesman John Kirby said the missile fire occurred on December 30, 2023 into Ukraine. But the missile landed in an open field.

Russia also launched many similar missiles next on January 2, 2024. However, Kirby said the impact could not yet be assessed.

“Because of our sanctions and export controls, Russia is becoming increasingly isolated on the world stage, and they are forced to look to like-minded countries to purchase military equipment from. As we have publicly warned, one of those countries is North Korea.” Kirby told reporters at the White House, as quoted by The Guardian.

The range of the North Korean missile is around 900 km. In exchange for weapons, Russia is reportedly likely to supply fighter aircraft, surface-to-air missiles, armored vehicles, ballistic missile production equipment and other advanced technology.

“This will have security implications for the Korean peninsula and the Indo-Pacific region,” he said.

Russia is also eyeing Iran's short-range ballistic missiles. The US said the two countries were in talks and it was hoped an agreement would be reached soon.

During a visit to Iran, Russian military officials were shown the missile's capabilities. Kirby said the US was very concerned about the negotiations.

“The United States is concerned that Russia's negotiations to acquire short-range ballistic missiles from Iran are actively underway,” Kirby explained.

Kirby also said the US would impose sanctions on those who provide arms transfer facilities. Apart from that, it will also bring the issue of arms trade between Russia and North Korea to the UN as a violation of the international arms embargo.

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