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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The term 'Let Him Cook' emerged again at the third presidential election debate last Sunday night (8/1/2024). This time to appreciate the attack made by one of the presidential candidates, Anies Baswedan, on his rival.

Literally, 'Let Him Cook' means to let someone cook. However, for the slang context, the Dictionary defines it as allowing someone to do something according to their expertise.

This term was first heard during the debate for vice presidential candidates (cawapres) last month. Netizens commented on one of the candidates, Gibran Rakabuming, who often asked difficult questions and prepared sharp answers.

The founder of Drone Emprit, Ismail Fahmi, in his report explained that Anies' 'Let Him Cook' was one of the top positive issues. Apart from that, there is also a presentation of a lot of data from the former Governor of DKI Jakarta.

Many netizens also uploaded this phrase during last night's debate. Many praised Anies when he attacked his competitors.

There are also those who say that Anies has the ability to dialogue, so it won't be difficult when he becomes President. A number of netizens also attached the title 'El Chef' to Anies.

Several netizens also posted photos of Anies cooking. It seems to refer to the literal sense of the term.

Meanwhile, the same report also mentioned Anies' top negative issues. Starting from being considered too often attacking personally, talking too much and not conveying enough ideas and programs.

Top Issues of Prabowo and Ganjar

Ismail also explained the top issues of the other two candidates. For Prabowo, one of them is about being able to attack Anies regarding ethical standards.

Apart from that, it is related to the new diction 'omon-omon'. His response was also considered humorous.

For the top negative issue, Prabowo was criticized for being easily provoked. There are also those who often agree with Ganjar's opinion.

His opinion on the Gaza conflict has also received criticism. Calling for open discussions and being said to be unable to disclose data in debate forums is also one of Prabowo's issues.

Meanwhile, appreciation was given to Ganjar because his debate performance was considered good. Apart from the statement that Prabowo agreed with, there was also an assessment of Ganjar's attitude which cooled the atmosphere.

However, Ganjar was considered to be looking for safety at the start of the debate. The compact attitude with Anies to brush off Prabowo is one of the presidential candidate's top negative issues.

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