List of 7 Countries Without Night, the Sun Never Sets

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Most countries in the world experience day and night or sunrise and sunset. However, it turns out there are countries that never experience sunset.

Even though it sounds strange, midnight sun aka the sun at midnight actually happens in a number of countries. Midnight sun is the phenomenon of the sun continuing to shine even though it is midnight.

This unique natural phenomenon occurs every year, namely during summer. Typically, the sun reaches its peak in the summer months of each year. During these special months, the entire region on the northern side of the Arctic Circle is exposed to sunlight up to 24 hours a day.

The intensity of the midnight sun varies from place to place. Several factors that influence this are the proximity to the earth's poles and the presence of clouds and fog.

The following are seven countries without night due to the midnight sun phenomenon.

1. Norway

This country at the tip of Northern Europe has the nickname “the land of the midnight sun.” During the height of summer, the sun never fully sets below the horizon in many cities, including the city of Tromsø. During May to July every year, people living in the city of Tromsø experience days without night.

For this reason, Tromsø is a popular tourist destination to see the midnight sun during the peak summer season. The university in Tromsø is even renowned as one of the world's leading midnight sun research centers.

Apart from Tromso, the Svalbard islands also experience days without night. There, the midnight sun begins on April 20 and ends on August 22. Meanwhile, at Cape Nordkinn, the midnight sun is visible from May 14 to July 29. Norway uses this uniqueness as a tourism promotion.

2. Sweden

Neighboring Norway, Sweden is also a country that experiences days without nights. In the Lapland region, which is the northernmost part of Sweden, the midnight sun remains visible for almost 60 days from May 27 – July 18.

During this period, the native people of Lapland have difficulty sleeping because the sun is still shining brightly outside even though the clock is past midnight. Therefore, every peak summer season, sales of sun-blocking curtains sell well.

Apart from Lapland, the cities of Abisko and Jokkmokk are also the best places to see the midnight sun in Sweden.

3. Finland

All regions of Finland experience the midnight sun although the intensity is higher in the north of Finland. The midnight sun lasts more than 70 days in Finland. The best place to witness natural phenomena here is Helsinki.

A popular ancient belief regarding the midnight sun in Finland is that if a young girl gathers seven flowers under her pillow on Midsummer's Eve her future fiancé will appear in her dreams.

4. Greenland

In central Greenland, the sun does not set from late May to late July. During this period, the soft, warm rays of the sun in the lowlands make the surrounding landscape seem dreamlike; icebergs and hilltops bathed in pinks, purples, yellows and reds.

The northernmost city, Qaanaaq is the best place to watch the midnight sun.

5. Iceland

The midnight sun in Iceland can be seen most of the day, and sometimes it remains clear after sunset until the next sunrise about three to four hours later.

The duration of the sun's rays increases gradually from 18 hours to 20 hours in May, then reaches its peak at 20-21 hours in June before gradually decreasing in July and August where the sun is visible for between 18-14 hours.

6. Alaska, USA

Alaska is the northernmost state in the United States. For more than 70 days, the sun remains above the horizon from mid-April to August every year.

The best place to experience this natural phenomenon in Alaska is Fairbanks. Many tour companies operating in Fairbanks offer midnight sun tour packages to the Arctic Circle and beyond.

7. Canada

The Canadian Arctic region is the land of the midnight sun because the sun does not set there during the summer months. Inuvik, one of Canada's northernmost regions, even experienced this natural phenomenon for up to 56 days.

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