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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – 35 days before the 2024 election, the Indonesian people are encouraged to determine their choice of presidential candidate (capres) and vice presidential candidate (cawapres) who will lead Indonesia in 2024-2029.

Apart from the vision and mission, political track record, and the results of debates held by the General Election Commission (KPU), one of the things that is most focused on by the public before making a choice is wealth.

Based on the records of the State Officials' Wealth Report (LHKPN), on October 18 2023, all presidential candidates, namely Anies Baswedan, Prabowo Subianto, and Ganjar Pranowo have reported their latest assets to the Corruption Eradication Commission.

Photo: Presidential Candidate (CNBC Indonesia/Faisal Rahman)

According to General Election Commission (KPU) Regulation Number 19 of 2023 concerning the Nomination of Participants in the General Election for President and Vice President, Article 13 paragraph 1 point (g) states that every candidate is obliged to report their assets to the agency authorized to examine wealth reports.

Then, in accordance with Article 21 paragraph 4 of the KPU Regulations, the KPU will announce the wealth value of the candidates and the KPK will upload data on the wealth of the presidential and vice presidential candidates on the e-LHKPN site if it has been announced by the KPU.

Based on LHKPN, each presidential candidate has a private vehicle collection. So, what are the three presidential candidates' car collections? Below is the list, including source of acquisition and reported vehicle price.

Anies Baswedan Vehicle Collection

  1. 2016 Honda Odyssey (self-made) Rp. 450,000,000

  2. 1968 Vespa Sprint motorbike (gift without deed) Rp. 50,000,000

  3. 2018 Kawasaki EX250V motorbike (self-made) Rp. 50,000,000

Prabowo Subianto Vehicle Collection

  1. 2005 Toyota Alphard car (self-made) Rp. 400,000,000

  2. 2007 Honda CR-V car (self-made) Rp. 130,000,000

  3. 1994 Land Rover Jeep (self-made) Rp. 50,000,000

  4. 1980 Toyota Land Cruiser (self-made) Rp. 50,000,000

  5. Mitsubishi Pajero 2000 car (self-made) Rp. 175,000,000

  6. 2002 Toyota Lexus car (self-made) Rp. 400,000,000

  7. 1992 Land Rover Jeep (self-made) Rp. 50,000,000

  8. Suzuki motorbike (model not stated) 2002 (own production) Rp. 3,500,000

Ganjar Pranowo Vehicle Collection

  1. 2013 Nissan Teana car (self-made) Rp. 180,000,000

  2. 2018 Mitsubishi Pajero Sport car (self-made) Rp. 450,000,000

  3. 2008 Toyota Crown car (self-made) Rp. 185,000,000

  4. Hyundai Ioniq EV Signature 2021 (self-made) Rp. 550,000,000

  5. 2018 Viar Scooter motorbike (self-made) Rp. 9,000,000

  6. 2012 Kawasaki ER-6N motorbike (self-made) Rp. 50,000,000

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