Locker Platform Business Competition in RI is Getting Tighter, New Players are Entering

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – In recent years, Indonesia's economic development has accelerated rapidly, with a large influx of foreign investment and local companies actively expanding their global businesses.

However, superior human resources remain a crucial issue for companies and most platforms are still focused on posting job vacancies and downloading resumes, where one job vacancy can receive hundreds to thousands of resumes in a day, even though, most of these resumes do not have qualifications for the position applied for.

Not infrequently, recruiters are unable to check all the resumes, and in the end job seekers are left hanging without knowing the continuation of their recruitment process. This dilemma ultimately pushed the Indonesian recruitment industry to face a new wave of innovation and reform. For this reason, the job vacancy platform business is growing rapidly and business competition is getting tougher.

One of the new players entering Indonesia is Bossshire, a digital recruitment company announcing the launch of an innovative job recruitment platform that is ready to change the online recruitment scheme in Indonesia. Designed to harness the power of technology and artificial intelligence (AI), this platform has services in three languages ​​- Indonesian, English and Mandarin – meeting the needs of diverse job seekers and recruiters throughout Indonesia.

As a recruitment platform, Bosshire offers a variety of recruitment services that companies can choose based on their needs. One of the hallmarks of bosshire's innovation is the introduction of a new job portal model, where headhunters, companies and job seekers come together on the same platform.

This unique model simplifies the recruitment process, helps match recruiting needs, and significantly reduces the time spent on candidate acquisition. Through bosshire systems' Smart Reminder, companies can more easily connect with suitable candidates, thereby increasing recruitment success rates.

Yong Jiang, Founder and Director of bosshire said, as a recruitment platform that focuses on the local Indonesian market, bosshire has provided head talent search services to nearly ±700 clients, with most clients coming from Indonesia, Singapore, China and other countries. Today, the bosshire brand has gained international recognition in the fields of recruitment and; has become one of the platforms of choice for companies conducting international recruitment.

Bosshire's innovation and efficiency brings new recruitment options to the Indonesian and international markets, which are expected to bring more opportunities and convenience for companies and job seekers. With the constant development of technology and artificial intelligence, bosshire will continue to focus on providing high-tech recruitment solutions, empowering more companies and job seekers to achieve their recruitment and job search goals.

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