Lots of Visitors, This is the Secret to Success of Credit Counter Owners

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Having a credit counter business has opened the door to fortune for Hadriansyah. Through the business opportunity he saw by becoming a BRILink Agent, now his counter is never empty of visitors.

In the midst of the digital era, Hadriansyah's counter at Kramat Jati Main Market, East Jakarta, is helping the public to carry out financial transactions.

From here the 28 year old man's business began to develop and brought in many customers. Hadriansah told about the beginning and the ups and downs in building this business.

Initially, after graduating from college in 2020, he joined his older brother to work as a construction worker. However, the uncertain income made him start thinking about looking for another business.

He was pressured by his family to apply for a job elsewhere. However, his little heart secretly dreamed of having his own business, until finally the idea emerged to open a counter and become a BRILink Agent.

“Finally, with the remaining money I had from the construction worker, I used it as capital to start a counter business and become a BRILink Agent. I think this suits my passion and hopefully this is my path,” he continued in a written statement, Thursday (8/2/2024).

Hadriansah's business was founded in October 2022 by taking up a stall at Kramat Jati Market, East Jakarta. Since starting this business, Hadriansah had intended to register as a BRILink Agent. Luckily, at that time there was a survey visit from BRI to Kramat Jati Market which paved the way for Hadriansah to become a BRILink Agent.

“After receiving training, I finally know what a correct transaction looks like. So according to the SOP, we first receive the money, then we calculate whether the amount is correct or not. Only after that do we transact the money. From there I can finally be more careful in operations. I have gained a lot of new knowledge, so that my business can run well and prevent fraud too,” he continued.

Help Market Trader Transactions

Becoming a BRILink Agent for Hardiansah turns out to have quite a big impact on customers who are mostly market traders and the surrounding community. Moreover, its operational hours are 24 hours so it can help anyone who has urgent financial transaction needs.

“The most frequent transactions are transfers, for example for families in the village. This also helps them if they need it at night when the bank is closed. Apart from that, there is also a lot of interest in filling digital wallet balances and can be a business opportunity in itself. Cash withdrawals are also quite frequent because “There are still many people who don't have their own accounts,” explained Hadriansah.

Apart from that, the fact that not all people have an account is also a consideration for Hadriansah when opening a business as a BRILink Agent.
“I think it has potential. From initially only opening a counter to sell credit, after becoming a BRILink Agent, it turns out we can help the community. Now the operational focus is more on being a BRILink Agent,” he continued.

Hadriansah admitted that he was very happy doing business as a BRILink Agent because he could help many people. The Covid-19 pandemic in 2019, for example, has had an impact on society where many people have lost their jobs. Through this agency he can open employment opportunities for relatives in need. Apart from that, his knowledge about banking transactions is also increasing.

“Since joining as AgenBRILink, we understand more about the banking system. We know a lot of banking people, we know how to make transactions correctly. Then we also learned if a transaction fails how to complain. There are lots of valuable lessons related to digital transactions like this,” he said again. .

Apart from that, he added, BRI also always provides support for BRILink agents, such as through prize competitions. According to him, this makes the agents even more enthusiastic about working.

“Even if you don't win, it doesn't matter, I just consider this as encouragement in providing services to the community. Thank you to BRI for opening up the opportunity to become a BRILink agent. Hopefully BRI will be more successful,” he concluded.

In a different place, BRI Micro Business Director, Supari, said that the BRILink Agent service is here to make it easier for people to access banking services. Apart from cash withdrawal transactions, there are also services for people's daily needs such as payment of electricity, water bills, BPJS contributions, telephone, credit purchases, installment payments, BRIZZI top-ups, loan deposits, providing referral services for opening BSA savings accounts or loans, and transactions other.

As of December 2023, BRI recorded that the number of BRILink Agents was more than 740 thousand agents with a transaction volume of IDR 1,427 trillion.

“BRILink Agent is real proof of economic sharing carried out by BRI, because the fees earned by agents can reach 2-3 times that received by BRI. By becoming an agent, people can increase their income and ultimately improve their economic and social life, Supari said.

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