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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The name The Harvest as a cake shop does not sound foreign to Indonesians. Every time there is a birthday or other ceremonial celebration, the majority of cakes are purchased from Harvest.

The taste is delicious and varied, there are many variants, the cakes are always fresh, and they are easy to get are the reasons why people buy them. Although these advantages all have to be paid at a fairly expensive price. But, it's worth it.

Branded as a cake shop with a European style, quite a few people think that Harvest is not made in Indonesia. But in reality that is wrong. Harvest is actually made and comes from within the country thanks to the cold hands of Lal de Silva.

Harvest was founded by him in 2004. Its founding cannot be separated from Silva's work as a former pastry chef in various hotels around the world for quite a long time. In an interview with Global Business Guide Indonesia, he said it was his experience at the hotel that gave him the courage to open a cake and pastry shop in Indonesia called The Harvest. The first branch is in Senopati.

Silva started Harvest with 23 employees and capital of IDR 450 million. This man who was born in Sri Lanka said that his focus at that time was not just about money, but rather practicing cakes as works of art.

He tries to employ professional people and uses the best ingredients, all of which are sourced internationally. Not only that, product research is also carried out to high standards to create works of art in a piece of cake.

This was originally done to establish Harvest as a provider of European-style cakes for the public. Indonesian people who like and are quite talkative about new food products, especially foreign ones, practically like Harvest. And for companies, this is certainly a big opportunity.

It's not surprising that in less than five years Harvest already has many outlets and employees. The outlet was like a virus, quickly spreading throughout Jakarta. Employees from initially 23 grew to 300. And within a decade, Harvest already had dozens of outlets and thousands of employees.

Harvest's success is also due to Silva's success in combining brand image and service quality.

In the study “The Influence of Brand Image and Service Quality on Purchase Intention of The Harvest Consumers”, it was stated that the innovative and varied products offered by Harvest plus the success of combining attractive outlet designs and cakes made consumers interested in finding out more about its products.

Of course, the upper classes who have been Harvest's target market from the start immediately bought to try rather than being haunted by curiosity about the cake. When they bought and tasted it, they believed that Harvest was the best cake, even though it was again worth the price.

On its official website, in almost 2 decades, Harvest this year already has 91 outlets in large and small cities throughout Indonesia. It's not surprising that Harvest itself dares to claim to be the market leader in the world of cakes in Indonesia.

Now, The Harvest Cake is under the auspices of PT. Mount Scopus Indonesia which also oversees cake products and other restaurants, such as Cheese Cake Factory, Negev, and Balboni.

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