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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Financial independence through investment is the dream of many young people. However, it turns out that each person will have a different way to achieve this because of their different risk profiles.

Division Head Wealth Management BRI Martua Hanry K. Panggabean said, when investing, the risk profile is the first thing that must be considered. The reason is that according to Martua, the risk profile will determine what type of investment a person is prepared to accept.

“We will determine the product, underlyingnya, like what? Then cash flow “from ourselves, we will later determine how much we will invest, either monthly, semester or yearly,” said Martua to CNBC Indonesia, in the Investime Program, Monday (29/01/2024).

Next, what is no less important is the need to invest. Is it short, medium or long term. Because from there you will know what type of investment is suitable. Does it produce coupons, dividends, or capital gains.

“However, for beginners, in general it can be allocated in a division of 40%-30%-20% and 10%,” explained Martua.

The 40% portion is routine needs for accommodation and other needs, 30% is for installments or credit with the productive credit portion being more than 15%. Meanwhile, the 20% portion is for protection and investment.

Martua emphasized that this portion must be reserved, not set aside. According to him, if you don't reserve it from the start, the food will run out soon. Meanwhile, the remaining 10% is social funds or aid and so on.

“Of course when investing, diversification is key, especially for beginners, regardless of the amount,” said Martua.

On the other hand, Martua also mentioned the importance of a simple lifestyle in investing.

“A simple lifestyle returns to each individual's circumstances. However, the important thing about investment is to look at the risk profile. So if investing in something that we really hope to enjoy in the future, there will be sacrifices. A simple lifestyle is a way to be able to prepare “We will enjoy investment proceeds from the funds in the future,” said Martua.

Therefore, he reminded us to style according to our abilities and not to be impulsive, unless it supports work. Because instead of being impulsive, it is better to invest the funds and enjoy them in the future.

Martua also emphasized that BRI Prioritas can act as an advisor for investments tailored to different risk profiles and individuals.

“We put it first iindividual touch, by looking at customer needs, risk profiles, when they need them and much more. Suggestions or suggestion “It will be different for each person because the needs of me and my friends and many other people are of course different,” concluded Martua.

For your information, BRI Prioritas is a special service that prioritizes comfort and convenience to support customers' lifestyles. Especially for those who need more complex financial services.

Apart from that, BRI Prioritas also provides various investment instruments, such as mutual funds, retail government bonds (ORI), retail government sukuk (SR), retail savings bonds (SBR), savings bonds (ST) bonds in the secondary market, BRIFINE and other products -other BRI investment products.

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