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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia PT. Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BBRI) has released the latest innovations in internal features and services super app BRImo. Most recently, BRI collaborated with Pegadaian to present the Gold Investment feature in BRImo.

BRI Network and Services Director Andrijanto said that the addition of the Gold Investment feature in BRImo is part of BRI's commitment to continue strengthening the BRImo ecosystem and on the other hand increasing public financial literacy, especially in long-term investments through gold.

“We hope that this BRImo feature can encourage more people to make transactions, especially Pegadaian gold investments, without the hassle, just from BRImo. Apart from that, we are also sure that gold investment will continue to increase along with gold which is still the reference for superior commodities in the industry and in public demand “which is getting higher. Moreover, there is an investment monitoring dashboard,” said Andrijanto in a press release, Monday (19/2/2024).

He added that the BRImo Super app will continue to innovate to meet the needs of users from various segments. To date, there are new superior features for purchasing Whoosh fast train tickets, game and streaming vouchers that meet lifestyle needs, BRImo registration abroad and merchant registration features.

“Moreover, currently the BRImo super app is also more complete by presenting QRIS between countries (cross-border) which can be transacted by users when shopping in Singapore,” concluded Andrijanto.

Meanwhile, the Main Director of PT Pegadaian, Damar Latri Setiawan, said that saving or investing in gold in digital form is one part of technological transformation.

“Through BRImo, customers can buy gold online without having to think about where to store the gold, thus providing more convenience and flexibility for customers,” said Damar.

The various advantages of the Gold Investment feature at BRImo include customers being able to buy gold starting from IDR 10,000, competitive buying and selling prices, physical gold whose authenticity is guaranteed and all transactions are protected by the OJK.

The collaboration between BRImo and Pegadaian in this first stage allows customers to open gold savings accounts, sell and buy, as well as autodebit services to save gold regularly according to the period and amount desired by the customer.

To further complement its services, BRI provides a promotional program in the form of a balance bonus of up to IDR 100,000 for the first 1,000 customers who open a gold savings account and purchase gold through BRImo.

Check out the steps to open Gold Savings via BRImo:

  1. Login to BRImo, select the “Investment” menu, then click “Gold”

  2. Click Open Savings and Verify Identity Data

  3. Enter the nominal initial deposit (minimum IDR 10,000), select the gold management pawnshop branch office

  4. Confirmation of transaction and opening of Gold Savings Account is successful

Steps to Buy Gold:

  1. Login to BRImo, select the “Investment” menu, then click “Gold”

  2. Click “Buy Gold”

  3. Enter the purchase amount

  4. Confirmation of successful gold transaction and purchase – The gold you own will appear on the BRImo investment dashboard

Steps to Sell Gold:

  1. Login to BRImo, select the “Investment” menu, then click “Gold”

  2. Click “Sell Gold”

  3. Enter the sales amount and select the destination account to receive the sales proceeds

  4. Confirmation of successful transaction and sale of gold – Sales proceeds will go directly to the selected BRI destination account

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