Not just using Pinjol, OJK Reveals the Latest Ways of Online Fraud

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The public must be alert because there are more and more fraudsters under the guise of online loans (illegal loans). One way is to pretend to transfer money incorrectly.

The Financial Services Authority (OJK) revealed that if suddenly your account is transferred with loan money even though you feel you have never made a loan application, you need to be careful.

“The fraudster will call asking to return the money that was transferred incorrectly. In fact, the calculation is the victim's debt with heavy interest,” said Member of the Board of Commissioners (ADK) and Chief Executive of the OJK Financial Services, Education and Consumer Protection Business Conduct Supervisor, Frederica Widyasari Dewi, quoted Tuesday (14/5/2024).

Apart from that, there is also an attractive job offer mode. People believed, then sent the requested deposit money. After that, the money disappeared and there was no clarity regarding the job being offered.

“There are also those who ask OTP to hack credit cards at home and abroad,” said Frederica.

He appealed to the public to continue to be vigilant. Never hand over your personal data, even if the fraudster claims to be a bank officer.

“Bank officers won't ask for an OTP if we don't contact the bank,” he said.

“Don't be nervous, for example when you sleep or want to have a meeting you won't focus. If you use illegal financial services, fraudsters could steal people's data,” he concluded.

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