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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia-Having a long life and a healthy body is certainly the dream of many people. However, not many people know that some recipes for longevity are actually simple.

Two secrets to longevity that have been proven by many studies lie in two seemingly simple traits. These two traits are always thinking positively and being optimistic.

The power of positive thinking has been found to be beneficial for overall mental health. But previous research shows that a positive attitude can even help people live longer.

A study published in August 2019 also found that an optimistic attitude was associated with someone living 11-15% longer and being more likely to live to age 85 or older.

Another study published in October 2022 showed that women who thought positively in an ethnically diverse population of the United States lived an average of 4.4 years longer than those who did not think positively.

“Having a positive, optimistic outlook reduces our risk of chronic disease and gives us a greater chance of living past age 85,” says Dr. Karen D. Sullivan, certified neuropsychologist, as quoted from Medical News Today.

Karen Miller, a neuropsychologist, geropsychologist, and senior director of the Brain Health and Lifestyle Program at the Pacific Neuroscience Institute in Santa Monica, California, notes that inflammation caused by stress is one of the causes of faster aging, physical problems, and cognitive impairment.

“So when we think positively and engage in positive behaviors, such as meditation, yoga, participating in religious practices, getting out and walking, exercising or enjoying fresh air, those are all things that lower our stress and lower our inflammation levels,” he said .

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