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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The Transmart retail network is again holding a massive discount party program of 50% + 20%, at the Transmart Full Day Sale, today Sunday (7/1/2024). This program is present in all Transmart outlets throughout Indonesia, starting when the store opens until 22.00.

Visitors can enjoy a 20% discount for customers who use Bank Mega credit cards, Bank Mega Syariah credit cards, and the Allo Bank-Allo Prime application including Allo Paylater. Interestingly, for superior products the discount can be up to 50% + 20% depending on the type of product.

For those of you who are looking for an electric bicycle, just go to Transmart, because there are big discounts. At the Transmart Full Day Sale, all types of electric bicycles are discounted, for example the Pacific and Exotic brands.

What about the price?

The Exotic EBike Cooltech 5.0 sale price is only IDR 3.5 million from the normal price of IDR 5,250,000 and the promotional price of IDR 4,275,000 for Java Island. Meanwhile, outside Java, this electric bicycle is priced at only IDR 3.8 million.

Exotic EBike Syncross 5.5 with a sale price of IDR 5 million from the normal price of IDR 6.55 million and the promo price of IDR 6.25 million for Java. Meanwhile, outside Java it can be obtained for IDR 5.3 million.

Apart from that, get Ride On & Tricycle with prices starting at IDR 300 thousand and still get discounts of up to 30% for Java Island. However, for outside Java, you can get it at prices starting from IDR 310 thousand and there is still a discount of up to 30%.

As a special note, maximum 2 units for electric bicycles. If you want to buy an electric bicycle with a quality brand and a cheap price, just go to Transmart. Promos and discount prices are only valid this week. Cuss buy while the discount is big.

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