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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The famous director from South Korea, Bong Joon Ho, along with a number of artists, called for an investigation into the cause of actor Lee Sun Kyun's death. Bong Jon Ho is a film director Parasites which also stars the late Lee Sun Kyun.

As is known, Lee Sun Kyun, who was 48 years old, died last December amidst a police investigation into suspected drug abuse.

Citing a Korea Herald report, the Cultural Artists Solidarity Association, a new organization consisting of 29 cultural and arts groups including the Busan Film Festival and the Korean Entertainment Producers Association, released a statement on Tuesday (9/1/2024) urging the authorities and media to prevent Similar deaths happen again.

The association said it will hold a press conference in Seoul on Friday, and will be attended by director Bong Joon-ho and a number of other well-known figures in the South Korean entertainment industry.

“In the face of the tragic death of actor Lee Sun Kyun, we have the same desire that this should not happen again. We will ask the investigative officers to find out the truth, ask the media to delete articles that do not match the facts, and urge the authorities to revise the law -legislation to protect artists' human rights,” the association said in a statement.

On December 27, Lee Sun Kyun was found dead in a car near a park in Jongno-gu, Seoul. He himself is in the process of being investigated in a drug abuse case. Lee has undergone three examinations for suspected use of marijuana and other illegal drugs.

In November, the 48-year-old actor admitted to taking drugs, but Lee emphasized that he took them “unknowingly” because he was trapped by a female host at an entertainment venue. However, the woman in question claimed that the actor knew what he was consuming.

Lee then requested that the police conduct polygraph tests on him and the woman to verify who was telling the truth.

After Lee's death, the police closed the investigation into the case.

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