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JakartaCNBC Indonesia – Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) Traditional weaving from Jambi, Vinto Craftt succeeded expanding export markets, or go international, usai follows pUMKM EXPO(RT) BRILIANPRENEUR 2023 program from PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk or BRI.

The founder of Vinto Craft, Vinto Bustam Effendi, said, Through the annual event that BRI has been holding since 2019, the party has signed an agreement to send 3,000 product units to Qatar over the next 3 year period.

“There is this year buyersfrom Qatar, interested in our products. And thank God I did dealfor price and delivery,” he said, on the sidelines of the UMKM EXPO(RT) BRILIANPRENEUR 2023 which is series of BRI's 128th anniversarysome time ago.

Don't stop at bringing together MSME actors with buyers, Through the BRILLIANPRENEUR event, according to Vinto, his party will receive assistance from BRI export consultants. This assistance takes the form of financial management and letters of credit (L/C).

With the many benefits of this event, Vinto hopes that BRI will consistently carry out BRILLIANPRENEUR every year even better. In this way, MSMEs that pass curation and have export-worthy products will meet new buyers from abroad.

“So that we don't only get local markets, but BRI brings them in too buyers-buyersfrom abroad so that later we can also get transactions from abroad,” he said.

Meanwhile, Vinto Craft was present due to concerns about the extinction of swamp pandan due to illegal gold mining in Muara Bungo, Jambi. As is known, in this province the economy of the majority of people is very dependent on palm oil and rubber commodities.

Where the price of these commodities fluctuates. Therefore, Vinto Craft was also present with concerns about unstable palm oil and rubber prices. So, continued Vindo, an initiative emerged to weave local craft products, not only to fulfill the family's economic needs, but also to preserve the ancestral traditions of the Teluk Pandak village community.

Since being founded in 2011, Vinto Craft has successfully exported its products to several countries. Therefore, according to Vinto, the BRILLIANPRENEUR event provides an alternative market for MSME players like himself.

“Vinto Craft offers a variety of woven crafts including natural mats from purun grass, bags and baskets,” he said.

Due to its good quality and the aspiration of business sustainability in its products, to date Vinto Craft has been awarded various awards from within and outside the country. Among them are the Inacraft Award, Good Design Indonesia, and the World's Crafts Council Award of Excellence.

Meanwhile, UMKM EXPO(RT) BRILIANPRENEUR 2023 was officially closed by the Main Director of BRI Sunarso on Sunday (10/12/2023). This activity, which was opened by President Joko Widodo on December 7 2023, recorded a record dealing commitment through business matching US$81.3 million or around Rp. 1.26 trillion assuming an exchange rate of Rp. 15,500.

Sunarso revealed that the value of the agreement had increased compared to BRILLIANTPRENEUR 2020, which reached US$ 57.5 million. This year is also much bigger than the achievements in 2021 and 2022, which were US$ 72.1 million and US$ 76.7 million respectively.

“Apart from that, until the third day of the exhibition, MSME EXPO(RT) BRILIANPRENEUR recorded a total sales value of IDR 8.7 billion. These transactions came from exhibition visitors directly via EDC and QRIS as well as on line through e-commerce which has collaborated with BRI,” explained Sunarso at the closing.

BRI is also optimistic that it can achieve the target transaction value of IDR 20 billion, driven by the transaction program online e-commercewhich will continue until December 31, 2023.

With the end of the entire series of UMKM EXPO(RT) BRILIANPRENEUR 2023 events, Sunarso expressed his gratitude to all parties who had supported the success of the event. “We hope to have a positive and widespread impact on the progress and development of the capacity and quality of Indonesian MSMEs,” said Sunarso.

The MSME EXPO(RT) BRILIANPRENEUR 2023 carries the theme “Crafting Global Connection” or assembling global connections, involving 700 curated MSMEs in 5 categories, namely Home Decor & Craft, Food & Beverage, Accessories & BeautyAnd Fashion& Wastra, as well Healthcare/Wellness.

Separately, Indonesian BUMN Minister Erick Thohir appreciated the various programs that have been implemented by BRI, including empowerment programs such as MSME EXPO(RT) BRILIANPRENEUR 2023. Because this event, which has been held 5 times with various innovations, has proven successful in turning around the economy as a whole.

“MSMEs are a priority for national economic growth, and BRI as the bank with the largest MSME portfolio is expected to continue to move to create an ecosystem for MSME players with the main goal of economic growth,” said Erick.

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