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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Behind his success in doing business in the agricultural and livestock industry, the husband of former artist Peggy Melati Sukma, Reza Abdul Jabbar, said that the struggle of an entrepreneur is very tiring and full of sacrifice.

In a podcast with Deryansha Azhary, Reza talked about how he dreamed of becoming a farmer at the age of eight. He also heard the message from his father, who also made a living through trading.

“(My father asked me) when I grow up, what do I want to (become)? Like my father, a trader. If you trade every day, it's Monday. Being a businessman is relaxing? That's very wrong. If you want to trade, you have to be prepared to lose sleep, holidays, time with your family like that,” said Reza , in the podcast.

Reza also remembers what his father said about school. If you really want to become an entrepreneur, then equipping yourself well is the main thing.

“Don't go to school where everyone goes to school (if you want to be an entrepreneur), lead the pack! (learn to be a leader) The salmon swims against the current, who doesn't go against the current? Trash,” he said, remembering his father's words.

Reza also expressed his opinion, saying that there are many mistakes a father today makes that must be known. One of them is because they just support their children in choosing a career path or profession in the future.

Whatever profession you are involved in, a financial foundation is certainly the main thing that must be formed. When you are an entrepreneur or freelancer, the risks in your profession are obviously high. This is because your income fluctuates, and the chance of losing income is also higher than that of employees.

People with professions like this should provide emergency funds equivalent to at least one year of mandatory and necessary expenses, to anticipate existing uncertainties.

Not only emergency funds, protection in the form of health insurance must also be available to anticipate the risk of losing assets when a disaster occurs.

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