Peruri Transforms a Former Money Factory into a Gathering Place for 100 Original Indonesian Products

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Once a historical site where rupiah notes were printed with stories that resonate throughout time, Peruri City, located on Jalan Palatehan, Kebayoran Baru-South Jakarta, has experienced an extraordinary transformation. Preserving its architectural splendor, one side of this area has developed into a creative and entertainment space known as M Bloc Space.

As visitors explore Peruri City, they are surrounded by glimpses of the past depicted through historic old buildings, various fading murals, and secret rooms that whisper of the site's rich history. A perfect blend of commercial area and historical heritage as a living testament to the passage of time.

Embracing the spirit of the local community, this transformed heritage site will host The Local Market-Spring Edition over a weekend in early March 2024.

Amidst the echo of historical nuances, local brand owners proudly introduce their handmade products and connect with community networks, while breathing new life, fostering a sense of belonging, and bringing about the preservation of cultural heritage values ​​from the past, present and future. will come. Peruri City is a historic building owned by Peruri, a state-owned company in charge of printing Indonesian Rupiah which has now been transformed into a technology company.

The Local Market was born from an idea to gather local craftsmen to display and sell their products to the community. “We focus on local products made in Indonesia that have been curated and have a social impact, one of which is to empower the community in the field of entrepreneurship,” said Titonius Karto as Founder of The Local Market and Ku Ka. The Local Market is more than a place to buy or sell goods, here all individuals come together to present dynamic events and form a synergistic community.

“We believe that by creating a supportive environment without a competitive atmosphere, local brand owners can create harmonious relationships between each other and visitors to support each other's handicraft products and create movements to introduce local products to the community,” added Titonius, who is usually called Tito, Tuesday (27/2/2024).

More than 100 curated local brands will be present to enliven “The Local Market-Spring Edition” event. This edition of The Local Market was held in Peruri City on March 1-3 2024 from 10 am to 8 pm, which was enlivened by hundreds of local brands from various types of craft industries and handmade products, cultural arts performances through dance and gamelan music as well as performances by musicians. specially packaged local.

MSMEs assisted by Peruri, Kriti by Lusy and Addictea were among the participants who participated in exhibiting their products at The Local Market-Spring Edition. Kriti by Lusy is an MSME with fashion waste products, while Addictea operates in the FnB sector with artisan tea products. Visitors who want to attend The Local Market in Peruri City can enter via M Bloc Space.

“After years of campaigning for local Indonesian products, we have never stopped saying that the advantages of local products lie in the story and process of the product to the creation of a brand which ultimately creates quality. The hope is that people will understand and fellow owners or craftsmen can inspire each other. Therefore “We realize that the concept of local Indonesian product bazaars must be given more attention, one of which is bringing the brand owners directly to the location to be able to educate and tell stories about their products. This also makes the tenant curation process very important at The Local Market,” said Tito.

The Local Market-Spring Edition event, which will be held on a weekend in early March 2024, is a collaboration between Ku Ka Indonesia with Peruri, Peruri Properti and M Bloc Space to open up opportunities for local brands and MSMEs to become more widely known, while at the same time encouraging sustainable lifestyle with a backdrop of historical buildings, Peruri City.

“We are happy to be able to collaborate with Ku Ka Indonesia to hold The Local Market-Spring Edition in Peruri City. As a BUMN, Peruri fully supports this event because it carries a mission to advance local brands, not only for Peruri-assisted MSMEs but also for MSMEs as a whole. “Our hope is that The Local Market can improve the Indonesian economy by increasing MSME business. The Local Market also needs to receive support from various parties so that it can run sustainably,” said Adi Sunardi, Head of Corporate Secretary of Peruri.

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