Picked up a stone thought it was gold, surprised it turned out to be a rare treasure

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – David Hole, an Australian citizen, did not think that the stone found was not a piece of gold. But rather rare treasures from outer space.

He found the stone in Maryborough Regional Park, near Melbourne, Australia, in 2015. He tried to open the stone with all means, from saws, grinders, drills, and acid.

Eventually, Hole took the stone to the Melbourne Museum. The research results showed that the stone was not gold, but a rare meteorite.

“The appearance is sculpted with dimples. That shape occurs as they pass through the atmosphere, they melt outside and the atmosphere sculpts them,” Melbourne Museum geologist Dermot Henry told The Sydney Morning Herald 2019, quoted from Science Alert.

The meteorite called Maryborough is 4.6 billion years old. The space rock is quite heavy, reaching 17 kilograms.

It turns out that the research results found a lot of content in the meteorite. For example, research finds a high percentage of iron, making it H5 ordinary chondrite. Additionally, in the interior of Maryborough there are droplets of tiny crystallized metallic minerals called chondrules.

“Some provide a glimpse of our planet. Some meteorites, there is 'stardust' that is even older than our Solar System, how stars formed and evolved to create the elements of the periodic table,” he explained.

“Other rare meteorites contain organic molecules such as amino acids; the building blocks of life.”

In the report Science Alert, the research team does not yet know the origin of Maryborough. Including since when the stone was on Earth.

Henry suspects that the meteorite came from the asteroid belt of Mars and Jupiter. Maryborough came out of there after being pushed by another asteroid and finally hit Earth.

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