Prabowo's 'Omon' remark goes viral on social media, here is the meaning and context

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – One of the hot moments in the 2024 Presidential Candidate Debate was when Prabowo Subianto answered Anies Baswedan's criticism regarding the Ministry of Defense (Kemenhan) budget.

Anies highlighted that much of the Ministry of Defense's budget is currently allocated to purchasing used defense equipment from other countries. According to him, this is not productive.

Prabowo then responded by saying Anies didn't understand defense. Because many countries also buy used aircraft. In fact, during Soekarno's era, the fighter planes used were used items that were still fit for use and were still young.

Then, Prabowo made a new expression which was widely discussed on social media. None other than 'omon-omon' which is a play on 'by the way'. In this context, Prabowo asked Anies not to just talk.

“If it really makes sense, I agree, if it's nonsense, okay?” he said in the third presidential candidate debate at Istora Senayan, Jakarta, Sunday (7/1/2024).

Prabowo added that leading a country is not just about telling stories in the form of ordinary talk, but must have its own agenda to develop and advance the country.

“Why do southern countries look to Indonesia, because we have succeeded in developing our economy. So it's not just talking about talking about talking about working like that, that's not possible,” he said.

Video footage of Prabowo saying 'omon-omon' accompanied by unique hand movements made netizens comment. Based on CNBC Indonesia's monitoring, until this news was released there had been more than 29,800 tweets discussing the topic 'omon'.

In fact, the word entered the ranks of trending topics on X (formerly Twitter). There are netizens who say Prabowo has succeeded in finding a new word. There are also those who point out that 'omon-omon' is not found in the KBBI.

In fact, some people use this word to comment on other contexts. Check it out below!

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