Praised by Jokowi, these are young mama crackers whose capital is only IDR 3 million

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The positive development of the MSME sector in Indonesia was revealed by President Joko Widodo at the BRI Microfinance Outlook 2024 event, Thursday (7/3/2024).

Jokowi admitted that he was happy with the development of MSMEs which were starting to improve themselves in line with the positive performance of the formation of ultra-micro holdings, credit distribution and product development. He then showed off one of the MSME products that had 'stepped up in class', namely Mama Muda's Rajungan Crackers.

At first, crab cracker traders only used ordinary plastic packaging and sold them in markets or street vendors. However, now the packaging is good and can be entered into modern retail stores.

“Even though it's not all, packaging like this is probably already 46% (of MSME products),” he said.

Apart from that, Jokowi also praised the product name which included 'young mama'. He said, this is a form of creativity in naming products that he really likes.

Photo: (CNBC Indonesia/Tri Susilo)
Indonesian President Joko Widodo gave a speech at the BRI Microfinance Outlook 2024 event, Jakarta, 7/4. (CNBC Indonesia/Tri Susilo)

Previously, Jokowi also praised Mama Muda's Crab Chips during a working visit to Maros Regency, South Sulawesi, two weeks ago. These crackers are MSME products made by Mekaar customers Madani National Capital (PNM) is named Rita. Rita is known to use typical Baros seafood in the form of crab as a business idea.

Rita started a business in 2021 and was assisted by credit from PNM.

“I took capital of IDR 3 million. So now it's up to IDR 8 million. I took capital to start this business,” said Rita, quoted from the Presidential Secretariat YouTube.

Thanks to money from PNM, Rita admits that her business has grown rapidly. Mama Muda's Rajungan crackers are slowly not only being sold at one point in Maros, but have spread to many shops in the city. After this, Rita wants to focus on expanding her business outside Maros. In fact, he wants Mama Muda's Crab Crackers to be sold in Jakarta.

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