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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT Permodalan Nasional Madani (PNM) introduced Mama Muda Crab Chips by Mrs. Rita, which is one of the many examples of products developed by the Makassar branch of PNM Mekaar which have been reviewed by the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Joko Widodo.

“When I first started making crab chips because of Covid, a lot of crabs were not bought or exported. So I got input to try starting a business with ingredients that were quite abundant,” said Mrs. Rita at the Live On Ramadan event.

“My feeling when I received praise from the President of the Republic of Indonesia was certainly happy and touched. At that time there were 60 MSMEs selected to take part in the event attended by the President but only 2 were chosen by you to be brought. All this was thanks to PNM,” continued Mrs. Rita.

Apart from Mrs. Rita, there was also a customer representative of PNM Mekaar, Bekasi Branch, Mrs. Jubaedah with the Poor Taste of Luxury Chips product. With a unique name, Mrs. Jubaedah said that the basic ingredient used for these crackers is kencur which is safe for consumption by stomach acid sufferers.

“Mama started this business because at that time, Mama's village was a poor village out of 9 categories. 3 of them had no MSMEs, lack of health facilities, then lack of educational facilities. So Ma edah was encouraged to create a business with capital that was not too expensive and could attract people. “elderly to remain productive. At that time ma was told by PNM to a neighbor, apart from providing capital, PNM also helped ma with the issue of licensing crackers,” he explained.

From January to February 2024, PT Permodalan Nasional Madani (PNM) noted that it had disbursed financing amounting to IDR 12.5 trillion

“Until February there was IDR 12.5 trillion in two months, January and February,” said PNM Main Director Arief Mulyadi after the Live On Ramadhan media breaking the fast event.

In terms of expansion, Arief said, his party is exploring embracing young customers by taking advantage of the existence of the younger generation. He explained that currently the Mekaar ecosystem has become a force in its own right, present in 6,165 sub-districts with 15.2 million active customers and 435 districts/cities.

“With different geography and demographics, there is definitely an ecosystem of young people, who can accompany these mothers and of course we can embrace it. Even if we don't do it, we will collaborate with other financial institutions, it could be the one closest to our holding BRI and Pegadaian,” he added

In providing more optimal empowerment, PNM also helps the women's business exports by providing facilities for granting Business Identification Numbers (NIB) amounting to 1.2 million. The NIB can be the basis for them to enter a more formal business.

PNM is a financing and assistance institution for underprivileged women in Indonesia through the ultra-micro business sector. PNM not only provides business capital, but also provides various training to improve product quality. To date, there are 15.2 million PNM customers throughout Indonesia.

In short, PNM works to empower customers through financing and assistance. Financing and assistance are two sides of the coin that should not be separated from one another.

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