PT Timah Corruption Case, Many Netizens Discuss Sandra Dewi's Rolls-Royce

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The investigation into the alleged PT Timah Tbk corruption case is still ongoing. So far, the Attorney General's Office (Kejagung) has named 16 suspects.

One of them is Harvey Moeis, who is the husband of veteran Indonesian actress, Sandra Dewi. Most recently, the AGO is also investigating a businessman named Robert Bonosusatya.

On Monday (1/4), the Attorney General's Office confiscated the black Rolls-Royce luxury car belonging to Harvey Moeis.

In December 2023, the Attorney General's Office also carried out related searches and confiscations case of alleged corruption in the tin commodity trading system in the mining business permit (IUP) area at PT Timah Tbk in 2015-2022, quoted from detikcom. Here are the details:

1. A total of 65 pieces of precious metal with a total of 1,062 grams;

2. Cash worth IDR 76,400,000,000 (IDR 76.4 billion);

3. Cash in American dollar denominations or USD 1,547,300 or around Rp. 24.6 billion; And

4. Cash in Singapore dollars or SGD 411,400 or around IDR 4.8 million.

Regarding the confiscation in December 2023 which was explained again by the AGO, netizens were busy highlighting this case on social media. Based on CNBC Indonesia's monitoring, Tuesday (2/4/2024), the keywords '76 M' and 'PT Timah' were included in trending topic X. Each of them has collected more than 3,000 and 4,000 related tweets.

Furthermore, many netizens highlighted the confiscation of Harvey Moeis' luxury car and linked it to Sandra Dewi's lifestyle which is often shown on social media.

It is not uncommon for people to discuss the mode and chronology of the PT Timah corruption case which involved top names. Apart from Harvey Moeis, also crazy rich PIK Helena Lim.

Following are some netizen comments collected by CNBC Indonesia:

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