Receiving mysterious whispers in Arabic, British billionaire chooses to convert to Islam

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Guidance to someone can sometimes come from anywhere. This is what happened to the British billionaire, Danny Kern or Danny Lambo. In early 2024, Danny decided to convert to Islam because he received a spiritual call and a mysterious “whisper” while on a business trip to Saudi Arabia.

What's the story?

Please note, Danny Kern is a businessman from England who has assets amounting to £50 million or IDR 1 trillion. This amount of wealth was obtained from the hotel business he had been involved in since he was young. Danny acquired business skills not long after he participated in the talent search event, X-Factor, in 2017.

At that time, he, who was starting to become known to the public, took advantage of his fame to seek business networks. From one fan to another, fans are drawn to become business investors. Until finally, he became a successful hotel businessman at the age of 22. The hotels are spread across various areas in the British capital.

During his time as an entrepreneur, Danny adopted many of the typical behaviors of rich people. He often goes on holiday and throws lavish parties worth tens of thousands of pounds. Apart from that, he also often buys expensive cars. In fact, they tend to be obsessed with these cars, especially Lamborghinis. On this basis, many people changed their name from Danny Kern to Danny Lambo.

At the same time, he often played women. The Sun calls Danny a “Playboy” because he often changes women to be his girlfriend. In fact, Danny also supported this woman by giving her a lot of money. In short, he became sugar daddy for many women.

However, such worldly life also has its limits. In early 2024, Danny decided to repent and convert to Islam while visiting Saudi Arabia. The story of his conversion to Islam happened when he was on a business trip to Riyadh and watched an F1 race.

While in Riyadh, he admitted that he received a kind of whisper in his head to visit Jeddah. Under these conditions, he ended his business affairs and watched F1 sooner.

“As a result, I went by plane to Jeddah and accidentally met Abdul Basit,” wrote Danny on his personal Instagram account.

Abdul Basit is a student at Medina University studying Islam. Previously, they had never met. The first meeting occurred in Jeddah and for some reason Danny felt compatible with Basit and was involved in a serious conversation that changed the course of his life.

When they met, Basit said that the trip to Saudi Arabia had been designed by Allah to make Danny discover a spiritual journey in finding the true meaning of life. Danny was immediately amazed by these words and followed Basit's spiritual journey.

“He took me to the Kaaba. Showed me step by step, word by word, how to perform the Hajj pilgrimage in Islam called Umrah,” recalled Danny.

It was at the Kaaba that Danny firmly converted to Islam with the guidance of Abdul Basit. Like other converts, he also admitted that he was reborn and became purer because he became a convert. On this basis, he expressed infinite gratitude to the mysterious man. For him, the trip to Saudi Arabia succeeded in changing his life forever.

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