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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The government is targeting the development of the aviation sector this year to be better than before the Covid-19 pandemic, the target is around 77 million passenger movements throughout 2024 in the domestic segment, or growth of 16% compared to 2023.

The number of passengers throughout 2023 or last year also skyrocketed by 30% compared to the number of passengers in 2022, namely 61.99 million passengers. The target this year is to provide momentum for the recovery of the aviation sector so that it can reach 100% after being hit by the COVID-19 pandemic some time ago.

“This year, recovery what we have achieved has reached 83 percent. “This year is the moment to fully recover,” said Director of Air Transport at the Directorate General of Civil Aviation, Ministry of Transportation, Putu Eka Cahyadi in a Forwahub discussion quoted on Sunday (10/3/24).

This made the Indonesian aviation industry start to sell well with the arrival of a new airline, namely BBN Airlines Indonesia. This airline has just received an additional Air Operation Certificate (AOC) for commercial passenger flights from the Indonesian Directorate General of Civil Aviation.

“With this AOC, the Ministry of Transportation has declared that BBN Airlines Indonesia is suitable and meets regulatory standards to open commercial passenger flight services which will begin operating immediately in March 2024,” said BBN Airlines Indonesia Chairman Martynas Grigas, quoted on Sunday (10/3/24) .

In the future, the passenger target will not only be domestic, but also abroad. Maskpai targets to be able to operate a fleet of 40 aircraft by 2027.

“Apart from the quite large demand for domestic flights, high demand for flights also comes from India and China,” said Martynas.

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