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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The rate of internet speed in Indonesia is once again a matter of public discussion. This happened after the vice presidential (cawapres) candidate debate, Friday (22/12/2023), where the vice presidential candidate number 1, Muhaimin Iskandar (Cak Imin) raised the issue of the internet being still weak.

In his presentation, Cak Imin said the internet is an important aspect in the digital economic ecosystem. Therefore, the government must take an important role in strengthening the internet, including its speed

“We need technological capacity to help with internet (speed) which is still low,” said the vice presidential candidate, Anies Baswedan.

So what are the actual facts regarding the quality of internet speed in Indonesia?

In fact, based on Speedtest data, Indonesia is only in 96th place out of 143 countries in the world in July 2023, with internet speed mobile reaching 24.21 Mbps, and fixed broadband at 27.11 Mbps. In Southeast Asia, Indonesia's internet speed is ranked 8th.

In fact, the ranking rose 3 numbers from the previous report. However, it is still far behind, even from neighboring countries in Southeast Asia such as Singapore and Malaysia.

Indonesia is only 2 places ahead of Cambodia in terms of internet speed mobile an average of 23.74 Mbps ranked 98th. Myanmar is ranked lower than 100th with an average mobile internet speed of 23.31 Mbps.

Globally, the average internet download speed mobile 42.35 Mbps. Meanwhile, speed uploadThe figure is 10.04 Mbps and latency is 28ms, quoted from the official Speedtest site from Ookla.

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