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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia The Transmart Full Day Sale program is being held again with massive discounts of up to 50% + 20% for customers who use Bank Mega credit cards, Bank Mega Syariah credit cards and the Allo Bank application.

This promotion takes place today, Sunday (10/3/2024), from when the shop opens until it closes at 22.00.

This promo covers various household needs from food to other items. Not wanting to miss out on this promo, Anggi spent on her mother's household needs.

“I'm going to fast and it's still the beginning of the month so I can go shopping, especially since I have Allo Bank,” said Anggi at Transmart ITC BSD, Sunday (10/3/2024).

Anggi admits that she often shops at Transmart, especially when there is a Full Day Sale promo. This time Anggi also bought syrup to share with her siblings.

For your information, Cocopandan and Melon flavored Marjan Syrup is priced at just IDR 19,900 from IDR 24,875. Apart from that, ABC syrup is priced at just IDR 11,900 from IDR 19,200.

Anggi, who works for a private company, also often buys various breads at Transmart, which according to him are always “fresh”.

During the Transmart Full Day Sale, Mini Danish is priced at IDR 11,920/gram from IDR 14/900. Meanwhile, donuts are priced at just IDR 24,000 for 4+2 from IDR 30,000.

Come on, go to Transmart!

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