School Confirms VR Artist's Child Involved in Bullying, Parents Want to Be Called

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Case bullying what happened to Binus Serpong High School students is currently being discussed. Because one of the suspects is said to be the son of an artist with the initials VR.

The victim is said to have suffered a number of injuries as a result bullying the. The news of the involvement of children from VR artists has also been confirmed by the school

Haris said that the child's parents would also be summoned by the school for questioning.

“Yes (the child of the VR artist is involved). Still in the process of calling (the parents),” said Binus School Public Relations, Haris Suhendra, when confirmed via short message, as quoted from CNN IndonesiaTuesday (20/2/2024).

Haris ensured that all parties involved in the bullying action would be subject to sanctions according to existing regulations. The incident is being investigated by the school and police.

“So far in handling the school and it is a priority to follow up, so far we have summoned those involved and it is still in the process. (Sanctions) follow existing school rules,” he said.

Previously, a student at Binus School in BSD, Serpong, was rushed to hospital because he was suspected of being the victim of bullying by his seniors as a condition for joining a gang. The bullying action went viral on social media and allegedly occurred at the stall behind Binus School. Victims who are potential gang members are said to have to do several things asked by seniors, including experiencing physical violence.

Head of the South Tangerang Police PPA Unit, Ipda Galih, said that from the results of the initial examination, it was suspected that the victim had experienced bullying from more than one perpetrator. He said a post-mortem process had also been carried out to examine all the injuries suffered by the victim.

“We have carried out a post-mortem regarding the injuries suffered, as a result of acts of violence committed by more than one perpetrator,” he told reporters, Monday (19/2).

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