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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The health and security services company, International SOS, recently released a list of several countries in the world. Especially the safest and most dangerous to visit in 2024.

Quoting CNBC International Saturday (23/12/2023), in the 2024 Risk Map, International SOS ranked these countries based on several factors. Starting from safety, medical dangers, and the impact of climate change.

Security risk

African countries such as Libya and South Sudan are countries with “extreme” security risks.

According to International SOS, these countries have minimal or no government control and law and order. Even existing government and transportation services barely function.

Venezuela, Pakistan and Burma fall into the category of countries with a “high” security risk. International SOS assesses that these countries are suffering from protests that are often violent and can target foreigners.

On the other hand, Scandinavian countries are among the best countries in terms of security. This metric assesses the threat posed by political violence and social unrest, as well as the prevalence of violence and petty crime.

Then the countries with the lowest security risk include Iceland, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Greenland, Switzerland and Slovenia.

Medical concerns

International SOS also released countries with “very high” medical risk, assessed based on the prevalence of infectious diseases such as Covid and the standard of emergency medical services.

Countries that fall into this category include Afghanistan and North Korea, as well as several African countries including Sudan and Libya.

Meanwhile, the United States, Canada, Japan, Australia and Singapore are the countries with the smallest medical risk.

Meanwhile, 60% of tourists said that the potential for facing a medical emergency during their trip was the main factor in purchasing travel insurance.

Primary care providers typically do not cover injuries or illnesses suffered abroad. So this can certainly lead to quite large expenses, said James Clark, content specialist at insurance company Squaremouth.

Climate Influence

SOS International also ranks countries based on climate change and how it can cause humanitarian crises and disasters. But for travelers, this may not be a problem yet.

“We see that these risks are becoming increasingly interdependent. For example, worsening climate conditions can lead to increased medical risks, in particular the development of new diseases, or an increase in the frequency of existing diseases,” Noriko Takasaki, Director of Security at International SOS, told CNBC Travel.

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