Sexy OnlyFans Model Bankrupt, Wound Up in Bills of IDR 15 Billion

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Sexy OnlyFans model, Katie Price, was declared bankrupt by a British court on Tuesday (19/3/2024). Bankruptcy was caused because he was unable to pay the tax bill to the government amounting to £761 thousand or IDR 15.2 billion.

In the report BBC Internationalthis amount is not a one-off fee, but is an accumulation of income tax arrears, VAT, surcharges and interest generated from Katie Price's work since 2020.

This court decision is a blow for Price, whose life has been hanging in the balance for the last few years. Please note, Price is a famous celebrity from England. She first started her career in the 1990s as a model who often appeared on many magazine covers in England.

The high frequency of appearances in the media made Price an idol for British youth. Many people want to be like Price, who can appear preening on stage and go back and forth on television shows.

To BBC Internationalsenior journalist Jamie East said that Katie Price's life in the 2000s was everyone's dream.

“He was a dream at the time. From a journalist's point of view, he had a very strong appeal,” Jamie recalls.

Apart from being a celebrity, the woman who was born on May 22 1978 is also a businesswoman. During his fame, he was known to have owned a perfume, clothing and property business, all of which were sold well by fans.

It's just that this fame is not accompanied by a positive attitude in behavior. He has repeatedly attracted the attention of many people because of his controversial and scandalous personal life. One of the biggest is when you experience financial problems due to failing to manage your money.

When he was famous and had a lot of money, Price was known to have high expenses and a super luxurious lifestyle. He often spent money on body care, mental care and buying alcoholic drinks.

All these actions are certainly not accompanied by commensurate income. At the same time, Price also experienced losses after his business experienced governance failures. It was this combination of factors that caused Price to lose public sympathy. Especially after being involved in several violations, such as drunk driving and divorce.

Until finally the financial scandal resulted in Price being declared bankrupt by a British court in November 2019. After the verdict, Price began to rebuild his wealth by selling exclusive content via the OnlyFans site.

However, these efforts did not last long. On March 1, 2024, a British court ordered OnlyFans to cut Price's 40% profit from content sales. The cuts were made because Price had not paid his tax bill and debts. It was from this decision that the British court declared the model bankrupt, on Tuesday (19/3/2024).

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