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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Investors reveal startup funding trends throughout 2024. Investors agree that this year's technological sectors and innovations will still revolve around artificial intelligence (AI), renewable energy and blockchain.

Treasurer of the Indonesian Venture Capital and Startup Association (Amvesindo) Edward Ismawan Chamdani said, Indonesia as an applied technology market share will become an attractive derivative product or service in various sectors that is able to utilize AI technology.

Edward said that the green sector related to the environment, climate and social affairs is also becoming attractive with many investors, NGOs, governments and corporations providing a lot of funds related to SDG/ESG.

“There is a trend to invest in startups that not only demonstrate innovation, but also have a clear path to profitability,” Edward told CNBC Indonesia.

According to him, this will likely shift the focus to more mature startups rather than early-stage companies.

Meanwhile, according to the Chief PMO Merah Putih Fund, Eddi Danusaputro, said that each investor has a different mandate.

But currently the startup sector that is in demand is fintech including AI in it, then there is agritech, energy tech, and so on impact.

For now, he sees that foreign investors still seem to be waiting and seeing because of macro factors.

“But local investors will continue to invest selectively,” he said.

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