Teten asks Zulhas to revise the rules of TikTok Shop et al. This is the reason

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Minister of Cooperatives and Small and Medium Enterprises (Menkop UKM) Teten Masduki asked the Minister of Trade (Mendag) Zulkifli Hasan to immediately revise Minister of Trade Regulation no. 31 of 2023 concerning Business Licensing, Advertising, Guidance and Supervision of Business Actors in Trading Through Electronic Systems (PPMSE).

The reason for requesting that Minister of Trade Regulation no. 31 of 2023 was revised, said Teten, because according to him the regulations were still not perfect and still needed to be refined further.

“We realize that Minister of Trade Regulation 31/2023 is not perfect and we will perfect it after the Minister of Trade Regulation takes effect for 3 months, so it is time for it to be evaluated,” said Teten when met after an audience with KPPU at his office, Monday (19/2/2024).

In the planned revision of Minister of Trade Regulation 31/2023, continued Teten, his party proposed that points regulating price competition or predatory pricing could be included. This is of course to protect MSME products. In fact, Teten also suggested that digital markets or marketplaces (e-commerce) be prohibited from selling products below the cost of production (HPP).

“If we look at China's experience, it has regulated the prohibition on not selling below COGS. This has the implication that if this is not done, MSMEs will definitely be hit. For example, products from abroad are sold to Indonesia (but) they are sold below the price of domestic products, “The domestic industry will definitely be paralyzed. So I think it is relevant to revise the Minister of Trade Regulation,” he said.

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