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Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Papua is one of the regions in Indonesia which is famous for its unique coffee. One of the famous coffee producers in Indonesia is in Ambaidiru village in Kab. Yapen Islands, Papua Province.

BRI Micro Business Director Supari said that through the 'My Life My Cluster' Business Cluster, the company is committed to always providing assistance and empowerment. Therefore, MSME players are also able to be more resilient and move up in class.

“Not only in the form of business capital, but also in the form of business training and other empowerment programs so that MSMEs can continue to grow. The business run by the Rimba Kakupi Ambaidiru Group is expected to boost the economy of the Papuan people and of course become an inspiring story that can be replicated by other business actors ,” he said in an official statement, Wednesday (3/1/2024).

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Named the Rimba Kakupi Ambaidiru Business Group, which was founded in 1975. Simeon Simara Mora, who is in charge of the group, said that this coffee production has been carried out for generations from previous parents. From these coffee beans, the people there can support their lives and build a better economy.

From the start, coffee was deliberately chosen because it was compatible with the Ambaidiru region. Moreover, the geographical conditions are at an altitude of 600-1000 meters above sea level. With these supporting factors, the people in the village then continued to develop coffee farming activities, especially for the robusta type which is their main mainstay. Even today, there are at least 200 families working to manage coffee plants on 81.27 hectares of land.

The farmers' harvest is then processed into pure coffee without adding any mixtures. The process of making coffee powder begins by separating the coffee beans and the skin. After ensuring that it is clean, the coffee beans will be fermented and dried in the sun until the water content is reduced.

Later, the dry coffee beans will go through a roasting process for several hours. After that, the process will continue to grinding which ultimately produces coffee powder that is ready to be packaged.

By continuing to maintain good quality, this group has succeeded in marketing their products outside Papua and can even reach export markets, such as South Korea and Japan. It is also known that in 2020, Ambaidiru Coffee exported 1 ton of coffee to South Korea.

Meanwhile, Simeon also explained that the turnover obtained from coffee production could be said to be quite good and could help the welfare of farmers.

“The average turnover we get is around IDR 2 – IDR 5 million per harvest. However, this goes back to the number of harvests and the quality of the coffee produced. If the harvest is good and the quantity is large enough, then the turnover that can be obtained will be that would be good too,” he said.

Empowerment and Assistance from BRI

Coffee production carried out by the Rimba Kakupi Ambaidiru Business Group is also growing thanks to the coaching and capital support provided by BRI in 2021.

“Initially, there were people from the group who provided information regarding BRI's business group development program. From there, we started proposing a proposal and it turned out to be approved by BRI. We then received assistance for production facilities in the form of a 6×4 meter coffee drying area,” said Simeon.

The Rimba Kakupi Ambaidiru Business Group also received business training, especially for farmers, including how to care for coffee trees, harvest them and process them into a product that can be marketed.

Since the guidance from BRI, Simeon and 240 farmer members in general and the 3 large farmer groups that have joined together have begun to experience significant changes. Mainly, because one of the obstacles they face can be reduced.

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