Thanks to KUR BRI, the producer of fish skin chips “Rafins Snack” is global

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – PT Bank Rakyat Indonesia (Persero) Tbk (BBRI) is committed to continuing to provide capital support and business assistance to Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs). One of them, a cake producer from Pringsewu, Lampung, told how the financing provided and business assistance can boost the business capacity of MSMEs.

In 2018, Ravie Cahya Ansor, a young man who lives in Pringsewu, Lampung, observed that fish skin snacks or fish skin chips made in Singapore were very popular and liked a lot. Unfortunately, this snack is not cheap for Indonesian people's wallets.
He then made a local version, using fish skin purchased from Tanjung Bintan, Lampung. Additional spices are also locally made, while the seasoning is purchased from Banten. The results are packaged with the label “Rafins Snack”.

“We market Rp. 23,000 for a 70 gr packaging,” said the 25 year old man who serves as Chief Executive Officer (CEO) and in the Research and Development (R&D) sector of Rafins Snack.

After conducting a series of research, Ravie Cahya Ansor also had the courage to apply for People's Business Credit (KUR) from BRI. He distributed the credit disbursed by KUR to various posts in his business management, such as licensing fees, marketing, and procurement of product manufacturing facilities.

“The highest figures are in the licensing sector, including BPOM (Food and Drug Supervisory Agency). We are pursuing this approval, because it is important to show product quality. Furthermore, for production, cost requirements are more flexible,” explained Ravie.

He continued, from the main fish skin product, Rafins Snack has also spread its wings to various products. Starting from Banana Choco, Banana Cheese, Taro Taro, Potato, Cassava Cassava, to Jackfruit Chips. Among products that taste delicious, salted egg is one of the winning flavors.

Apart from that, Ravie added, in selling products, he markets them both at home and abroad. Domestic sales covering the Jabodetabek, Malang, Surabaya and Medan areas. Meanwhile, export markets have reached Türkiye, Egypt, Canada and Malaysia. The most recent are requests from Oslo (Norway) and The Hague (Netherlands).

“This export opportunity is opened in two ways. Namely, we bring it ourselves, including when we take part in exhibitions, including with the Indonesian Embassy (Embassy of the Republic of Indonesia) and Athan (Defense Attaché). So that a market has been formed, including in Egypt starting in 2022. Others are “through the diaspora of Indonesian citizens living abroad, both what we send there and what we buy are dropped out,” he added.

Regarding turnover and sales, Ravie Cahya Ansor stated that sales during the COVID-19 pandemic were quite encouraging. “If our estimated sales in normal times were 7,000 – 10,000 pieces per month, then during the pandemic it could jump two to three times normal conditions. Now we are in normal conditions, but we are still enthusiastic about marketing and creating creations for marketing or sales so that they increase again “Including expanding the market,” he said.

Separately, BRI Micro Business Director Supari said that his party has always been consistent in providing capital support for MSME players and providing business assistance in product development and digitalization efforts for MSME players.

“The story of this fish skin chips producer and MSME player is an example of how the financing provided and the business assistance we provide can boost the business capacity of MSME players,” he said.

As is known, BRI is a bank in Indonesia which is the largest KUR distributor, which continues to increase every year. During the period January to April 2024, BRI succeeded in distributing KUR worth IDR 59.96 trillion to 1.2 million debtors. This achievement is equivalent to 36% of the KUR distribution target broken down by the government to BRI in 2024, namely IDR 165 trillion.

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