The Real Reason Why Indonesian People Call All Diaper Brands Pampers

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The majority of Indonesians call pampers a substitute for diapers. Whatever the brand of diaper, Indonesians always say it's pampers. In fact, Pampers is a brand of diaper.

This case is the same as when we call mineral water Aqua, or pipes as paralon. In fact, Aqua and Paralon are trademarks of one company. So, how could this happen?

The Beginning of Pampers

Please note, Pampers is a brand of disposable diapers from the US company, Procter & Gamble (P&G). The beginning of the existence of diapers began with the discovery of a grandfather named Victor Mills.

As explained The World's Greatest Brands (2006), Mills was a P&G employee who was assigned as a chemist since 1926. During his career, he made many discoveries, including the biggest one being disposable diapers.

Mills' discovery of disposable diapers began when he was having trouble taking care of his grandchildren. Like other babies, Mills' grandson often urinates and defecates without knowing the place or location. As a result, Mills had difficulty cleaning up the baby's feces. Moreover, he also had to constantly change cloth diapers.

Based on this problem, Mills conducted diaper research at P&G since 1956. Together with his team, he carried out material searches, trials and various other series. Until finally, Mills succeeded in finding disposable diapers or diapers made by P&G in 1961 which were called Pampers.

It's just that when it was first released, Pampers was not the first brand of disposable diapers in the world. Previously, there were other brands from large companies, such as Johnson & Johnson, Kendall, Parke-Davis, and so on. So, the emergence of Pampers has made the diaper market competition even tighter.

Even so, Pampers has a surefire way to beat competitors, namely selling goods cheaper than other brands. At that time, Pampers sold the product for only 6 cents, far below the price of other products which reached dozens of cents.

People's penchant for using cheap products made Pampers sales skyrocket. Other competitors also followed similar steps, but instead they fell. Only Huggies products from Kimberly Clark can compete with Pampers. As a result, the two of them competed fiercely and even went to court to fight for patent rights.

Quoting the P&G website, P&G then won the patent, so that Pampers could be sold nationally in the US since 1964. From here, Pampers then became a major player in the disposable diaper sector. US society is starting to replace conventional diaper methods with Pampers.

The increase in Pampers sales has made P&G export to many countries, one of which is Indonesia. It is estimated that Pampers entered Indonesia as an imported product in the 1980s. Initially Pampers could only be bought by rich people, but slowly it began to be widely used by all Indonesian people as prices fell.

As a result of becoming a major player in Indonesia, Pampers became known to the public and became a pronoun for diapers. Since then, Indonesians have become accustomed to calling the diaper brand Pampers. This habit continues to be recorded across generations, making it difficult to erase in people's minds.

Now, Pampers still exists in Indonesia and competes with other brands, such as MamyPoko, Merries, Sweety, and so on.

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