The Riddle of Ridwan Kamil Becoming Candidate Governor of Jakarta or West Java Answered by Airlangga News – 4 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Some time ago, sRidwan Kamil's figure became the talk of the people of the country following one of the billboards depicting him traveling to Jakarta.

This went viral on social media. Many people linked the billboard as a sign that the former Governor of West Java would run in the Jakarta Governor Election next year.

The General Chair of the Golkar Party who is also the Coordinating Minister for Economic Affairs, Airlangga Hartarto, has opened his voice regarding the Ridwan Kamil issue. According to him, the Golkar Party has indeed issued letters of assignment to all governors and regents from its parties throughout Indonesia to advance in the regional election process.

“It coincides with the Legislative Election, so an assignment has been given. In fact, with this assignment, the Golkar party will carry out an evaluation, who has worked and who is effective,” said Airlangga at the Office of the Coordinating Ministry for the Economy, Jakarta, last weekend.

Based on the results of the assignment to advance in the election process, Airlangga said that the Golkar Central Management Board (DPP) would hold a meeting tomorrow to evaluate the results of the assignment, including for Ridwan Kamil and his wife Atalia Praratya.

“So, therefore, there is still a follow-up process which will be held by the DPP tomorrow,” stressed Airlangga.

As is known, Ridwan Kamil or RK was also assigned by the party bearing the banyan symbol to run for the DKI Jakarta gubernatorial election. This was stated by the Chairman of the DPP Golkar Party, Ace Hasan Syadzily, apart from Ahmed Zaki Iskandar. Currently, the Golkar party is monitoring the electability of these two figures who are said to have the potential to lead the city of Jakarta.

“Yes, Golkar itself has given the task for DKI Jakarta to 2 names, namely the first Mr. Ridwan Kamil and the second Mr. Zaki Iskandar. Both have the same potential to be nominated as candidates for Governor of DKI Jakarta. It's just that in the end you have to choose one,” Ace said to journalists at the MPR/DPR complex, Senayan, Central Jakarta, last Tuesday as quoted on Sunday (3/3/2024).

Quote detik.comAce said that the Golkar party provided an opportunity for both of them to increase their electability. Zaki and Ridwan Kamil will later be surveyed to determine the best figure.

“Golkar gives freedom to both of them to continue to increase their respective electability and after that Golkar will conduct a survey of the two names. If one of the two has high enough potential to be nominated as Governor of DKI Jakarta then that will be chosen by Golkar,” he said.

Ace said that the Chairman of the Golkar DPD DKI Jakarta, Zaki, already had sufficient abilities. Ace said that RK was also assigned to run again in the West Java gubernatorial election.

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