The story of a US man who has assets of IDR 85 trillion thanks to following his father's advice

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – US billionaire, Mark Cuban, has assets of US$ 5.4 billion or Rp. 85.9 trillion. This amount of wealth was obtained from investments and Cuban business networks that have been established for decades.

This achievement was not easy and was a long journey for Mark Cuban. Interestingly, not many people know that Cuban's success in having assets of IDR 85.9 trillion was obtained thanks to following his father's advice.

At the age of 14, Cuban was told by his father, Norton, about time and income. At that time, Norton, who worked 60 hours per week at a company, advised Cuban that time basically has limits. On this basis, working for a long time at a company actually makes someone have no future.

“This time was not spent knowing what my father did, but knowing that his work had no future,” Cuban said CNBC Make Itquoted Tuesday (2/4/2024).

In essence, workers are often limited in working hours, so they don't develop and become rich. Based on this advice, Cuban decided to no longer be a corporate slave, but to focus on being an entrepreneur. By becoming an entrepreneur, Cuban admits that he can focus on developing himself and is free to do business at any time until he succeeds in having trillions of rupiah in assets.

Apart from the question of time, his father also gave other advice regarding the importance of saving. When he was 12 years old, Norton told Cuban that if you wanted to have something, you had to save first.

At that time, the man who was born on July 31 1958 wanted to buy new shoes. However, this wish could not come true because his father refused to buy it and told Cuban to save first. As a result, he started running a small business by becoming a reseller in his home area.

It was these lessons from his father that allowed him to hone his entrepreneurial skills from an early age. It is known that when he was a teenager, Cuban already had a side business. Starting from selling stamps, teaching courses, and opening a beverage business.

In the end, two pieces of advice from my father that he had received since childhood proved to be successful. The issue of time, saving and entrepreneurship has made Mark Cuban one of the richest people in the United States with assets of IDR 85.9 trillion. Now, he is active in business activities and is an investor in large companies.

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