The story of King Siliwangi's gold rush, said to be able to pay off the national debt

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Stories of treasures from ancient kingdoms attract the attention of many people. One of them is the Minister of Religion Said Agil Husin Al Munawar. He is known to have received information about the gold left by King Siliwangi's treasure. He also carried out a search so that the state debt could be paid off. However, the results were very unexpected.

What's the story?

In mid-2002, Said Agil Husin Al Munawar received information from an unknown person that there were gold nuggets left by King Siliwangi's treasure in the Batu Tulis Prasasti complex, Bogor.

Said Agil was smiling. He thought, if the news was true, then the country would be hit by a windfall. He claimed that if the gold was sold, the state debt would be paid off. At that time, the state debt reached 36.4 billion US dollars. This news was a sensation and became news in many national mass media at that time.

“I was chosen as the person entrusted with the mandate to return it to the state,” said Said, quoted from the archives Tempo (November 3, 2002)

Said forwarded this news to President Megawati. The president, he claims, agreed to the exploration. In August, Said ordered a group of people to dig up treasures at the Batu Tulis inscription complex. Batu Tulis itself is one of the ancient inscriptions left by the Sunda Kingdom. Explicitly, the inscription is only a monument to commemorate the great services rendered by Sri Baduga Maharaja. There was not a single clue to the whereabouts of the treasure.

However, historical facts did not hinder Said's steps. He still believes that there is treasure there. Then, an excavation was carried out by a group of people on Said's orders. Protests also came from local residents. Based on archives Tempo, residents unfurled banners saying they would stop digging. They certainly considered Said's efforts to destroy their ancestral heritage and hurt the hearts of the Sundanese people.

Photo: Gold. (Doc. Pexel)
Gold. (Doc. Pexel)

Whether there is a connection or not, nature is reportedly angry about this incident. According to Rakhmad Hidayat, et al in Dynamics of Bogor City Society (2017), during and after the excavation there was a big storm, lightning and strong winds.

The treasure excavation was led directly by Said Agil in Bogor from day to night. For 10 hours, the digger managed to dig two meters deep, four meters long and one meter wide. No gold was found at all.

The protests are getting worse. Said is considered irrational. As a state official, educated person, and cleric, he should have a logical mind to identify hidden treasures. Or if he insists on carrying out excavations, he must also pay attention to scientific procedures so as not to damage the inscription.

Because he was already making noise and was already embarrassed, Said prepared a more unreasonable excuse. Citing archives Tempo On a different date (15 August 2002), Said argued that the gold was missing because news of the gold had been spread before it was found. Apart from that, he considers that there are parties who are not willing to give it to the state. As a result, the treasure was not found.

Later, President Megawati spoke. The PDIP General Chair did not feel that he had ordered Said to take care of the treasures in Batu Tulis. This means that Said used Megawati's name to start the excavation. Excavations were stopped. Until now, the Batu Tulis treasure has not been proven to exist.

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