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Jakarta, CNBC IndonesiaEvent ticket platform (event) from Indonesia, spoke out regarding President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) who officially launched the Digital Service for Business Permits Event on Monday (24/6/2024) yesterday.

LOKET CEO, Bagus Utama admitted that his party was happy with the launch of the Digital Event Permit Service. According to him, services that use the system Online Single Submission (OSS) can be the answer to the obstacles that occur in Indonesia during the licensing process for organizing events, especially concerts.

Bagus said that the main problem faced by the organizers or promoters so far is the difficulty in obtaining certainty, such as which agencies to apply for permits, the maximum time for submitting permits, and the amount of costs that must be spent to carry out an event.

“LOKET is very optimistic and happy [atas peluncuran digitalisasi izin] because we have high hopes for the successful implementation of the permits online events this,” said Bagus to CNBC IndonesiaTuesday (25/6/2024).

“Because with the existence of a single-door permit, the implementation process can be made easier. event So it's easier, simpler, faster, and definitely more certain,” he continued.

Furthermore, Bagus said that the digitalization of event permits has the potential to improve Indonesia's image in the eyes of the world to hold large events, especially those inviting international figures, such as musicians.

“With this, they (international musician management) can be more confident that the bureaucratic process in Indonesia is one step ahead compared to before,” said Bagus.

According to Bagus, one of the reasons why Indonesia is less competitive than neighboring countries, such as Singapore, in inviting international musicians for concerts so far is the difficulty of obtaining permits issued by the government. Not only that, this obstacle also builds a negative stigma among international musician management circles.

“The stigma that has been built up for them is 'Hey, Indonesia, it's hard to get permits. There's no certainty,' like that. Because if one of them experiences something, the others will definitely hear about it. That's how it is with foreign artists,” Bagus said.

“For example, if an artist experiences a change of location, it becomes a rumor among them. 'Oh, it turns out Indonesia can, you know, from location A to move to your place because the promoter didn't get permission,'” he continued.

Bagus revealed the complexity of the licensing process event in Indonesia, it not only has a negative impact on promoters, but also on third parties who support the implementation of the event, such as LOKET as the third party. ticketing.

“For example, we are already preparing to make an announcement, we have already spoken with… media partnershad prepared the promotional content, suddenly the permit had not been issued, it was pushed back. So it's time for us to push back again,” Bagus said.

Coldplay Concert at SUGBK, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (11/15/2023) night. (Tripa Ramadhan/detikcom)Photo: Coldplay Concert at SUGBK, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (11/15/2023) night. (Tripa Ramadhan/detikcom)
Coldplay Concert at SUGBK, Senayan, Jakarta, Wednesday (11/15/2023) night. (Tripa Ramadhan/detikcom)

“Well, then there are also those who say, 'Oh, so it turns out the permit is… venue-it can't be here, change it here,'. Okay, that means, right, we have to dismantle it again from the capacity side, the allocation of categories, the entrance. From what should be scan “There were 10 tickets at this gate, suddenly there were only five there,” he continued.

In relation to the new launch of this system, Bagus hopes that the government will continue to consistently conduct evaluations and updates. In addition, Bagus also asked the government to be strict and selective in granting permits for events submitted by promoters.

According to Bagus, the digitalization of permits has the potential to produce many promoters and event new. Although it is a positive thing, Bagus is worried that the many incompetent promoters can damage the image of the entertainment industry in the country. Moreover, promoters are a high-risk business and there are many examples of failed events due to incompetent promoters.

“Well, I hope that one of the future features of OSS is that it can filter new promoters who want to enter the world of… event “So that they understand the risks,” said Bagus firmly.

“You can filter it, yes, so there's not too much. event “Which suddenly canceled or in the middle of the road there was a problem because the artist had not been paid. Well, that has a negative impact on the growth of this industry,” he continued.

Previously, President Joko Widodo (Jokowi) officially launched the Digital Event Permit Service at The Tribrata, South Jakarta, Monday (6/24/2024). Through this system, Jokowi guarantees that promoters or event organizers can obtain permits in “lightning” time.

Jokowi admitted to being furious at the problems that occurred with the implementation of national and international scale events in Indonesia. The former Governor of DKI Jakarta said that the main problem in organizing events in the country is the certainty of permits that are not given long before the day of implementation.

In addition, Jokowi also said that the process of submitting an event in Indonesia is “complicated” or difficult due to the many permits that must be submitted to several parties. According to him, that is what makes Indonesia less competitive with other countries, especially Singapore.

“Why is it that Singapore always hosts it? Yes, because of the speed of service in bringing in the artists. Government support, be it ease of access, security, and others,” said Jokowi.

“Singapore got four days, full. Add another five days, full. Add another six days. Once again, half of the viewers were from Indonesia, I'm sure more than half were from Indonesia because here the tickets were sold out in just 20 minutes. But they couldn't add more. Why? I asked the organizers because our licensing matters are complicated,” he continued.

Jokowi then gave examples of the implementation of MotoGP in Mandalika, West Nusa Tenggara. Although the economic impact of the sporting event was so great, reaching Rp4.3 trillion, absorbing 8,000 workers, and involving 1,000 MSME actors, the licensing process behind it turned out to be very difficult.

“I asked about the permits, I was weak. It turned out there were 13 permits that had to be taken care of, but they were not called permits, they were called recommendation letters. Actually, the permits were the same, only the name was changed, refined into a recommendation letter. There was a notification letter, but the name was a permit,” said Jokowi.

Meanwhile, the Minister of Tourism and Creative Economy (Menparekraf RI), Sandiaga Uno, guaranteed that the government would not be late in issuing permits. event after the launch of the Digital Event Permit Service. Sandiaga admitted that currently the government has not prepared a special guarantee in the form of compensation that will be given to event organizers, such as promoters if there is a delay in issuing permits. This is because the government will make every effort to ensure that the time for issuing permits is in accordance with existing guidelines.

“As of today, because we are starting and will review each evaluation period, we are motivated to provide permits in accordance with guidelines (guide) [izin dikeluarkan dalam jangka waktu] 14 days and 21 days,” said Sandi after the “Weekly Brief with Sandi Uno” media meeting in Jakarta, Monday (24/6/2024)

“This is what we must comply with. Don't let it happen that we immediately think that there is a delay so that we cannot ensure that permits are issued for each concert because it will really affect promotions and preparations. venue,” he continued.

Sandi emphasized that the only guarantee that the government will provide to promoters is that the event permit will be issued on time, namely 14 days before the event day for the national level and 21 days before the event day for the international level.

“We guarantee that it will be issued within 14 days and 21 days. We have ordered all ranks to ensure that the permit is issued within 14 days to 21 days,” Sandi stressed.

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