There is the Garuda Travel Fair: Jakarta-Seoul PP Only IDR 4.8 Million

Jakarta, 19 February 2024 – Do you already have holiday plans for 2024 or want to buy tickets for the Eid holiday? This is the time for you to hunt for cheap tickets.

The national airline Garuda Indonesia is presenting the Garuda Indonesia Online Travel Fair (GOTF) Anniversary edition 2024. Here, you can get special discounts of up to 80% for both domestic and international travel.

Garuda Indonesia President Director Irfaniaputra said that travelers can hunt for tickets online on the official Garuda Indonesia website, the FlyGaruda application, and various travel agents from 19-28 February 2024. The travel period is from 15 February 2024 to 14 February 2025.

In collaboration with Bank Mandiri, Irfan is targeting transactions of up to IDR 450 billion from GOTF this year.

“In the midst of the momentum of increasing air passenger traffic globally after the impact of the pandemic, this GOTF Anniversary Edition event certainly has its own meaning for Garuda Indonesia to further demonstrate our sustainability commitment in supporting the movement of domestic and international tourists which can drive the nation's economy,” said Irfan.

Bank Mandiri Senior Executive Vice President Micro & Consumer Finance, Saptari added, ticket sales at the 2024 Garuda Indonesia Online Travel Fair (GOTF) Anniversary edition are targeted to grow 50% from 2023.

“To achieve this, Bank Mandiri provides various additional special benefits for customers using Mandiri Credit Cards, who wish to purchase tickets/tours, have the opportunity to get a discount program of up to IDR 3.5 million, a Flash Sale Discount program of up to IDR 2.5 million , as well as the Garuda Indonesia ticket purchase program with an installment scheme of up to 12 months.

The following are special ticket price options at the Garuda Indonesia Online Travel Fair:

Domestic flights

  • Jakarta – Aceh pp starting from IDR 2.4 million
  • Jakarta – Medan pp starting from IDR 1.9 million
  • Jakarta – Padang pp from IDR 1.7 million
  • Jakarta – Palembang pp starting from IDR 1.1 million
  • Jakarta – Malang PP starts from IDR 1.3 million
  • Jakarta – Semarang pp starting from IDR 1 million
  • Jakarta – Solo pp starting from IDR 1.1 million
  • Jakarta – Yogyakarta pp starting from IDR 1.1 million
  • Jakarta – Surabaya pp starting from IDR 1.4 million
  • Jakarta – Denpasar pp starting from IDR 1.7 million

International routes

  • Jakarta – Singapore pp starting from IDR 2.7 million
  • Jakarta – Guangzhou pp starting from IDR 5.2 million
  • Jakarta – Amsterdam pp starting from IDR 7.5 million
  • Surabaya – Singapore pp starting from IDR 2.5 million
  • Jakarta – Kuala Lumpur pp starting from IDR 1.9 million
  • Jakarta – Sydney pp starting from IDR 6.5 million
  • Jakarta – Melbourne pp starting from IDR 6.6 million
  • Jakarta – Tokyo pp starting from IDR 6.7 million
  • Jakarta – Seoul pp starting from IDR 4.8 million
  • Denpasar – Singapore pp starting from IDR 2.1 million
  • Denpasar – Seoul pp from IDR 5.1 million

Garuda Indonesia also offers competitive prices on collaborative Garuda Indonesia alliance flight routes including the following:

  • Jakarta – Paris pp starting from IDR 15.6 million
  • Jakarta – Milan pp starting at IDR 15.8 million
  • Jakarta – Rome pp starting at IDR 16.2 million
  • Jakarta – Barcelona pp starting at IDR 16.5 million
  • Jakarta – Frankfurt pp from IDR 17 million

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