There's a long holiday in February 2024, do this if you're freeing up my money – 22 hours ago

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Without realizing it, soon we will enter February 2024 where Isra Mi'raj and Chinese New Year celebrations will be side by side and it might tempt you to heal.

As is known, Isra Mikraj is celebrated every 27 Rajab in the Hijri calendar. Where, 27 Rajab 1445 H falls on Thursday, February 8 2024.

In the 3 Ministerial Decree concerning National Holidays and Collective Leave in 2024, Isra Mikraj Day is designated as a national holiday. So February 8 2024 is a red date.

Meanwhile, the 2575 Kongzili Chinese New Year celebration falls on Saturday, February 10 2024. The 2024 Chinese New Year national holiday is also accompanied by collective leave, and in the 3 Ministerial Decree, the 2024 Chinese New Year collective leave is stipulated the day before the celebration, namely on February 9 2024.

As a result there will be four holidays starting from February 8 (Thursday) to February 11 (Sunday).

Of course, going on holiday is not the wrong thing to do as long as your finances are still in a healthy condition. But what happens if in 2024 you still have debt, or a fairly heavy financial burden?

Some of the things below might be worth considering.

Choose pocket-friendly entertainment activities

It doesn't have to be a holiday out of town, treating the family to a meal and taking a day trip to a place they want to visit is no less fun.

If your financial condition does not support it, avoid overdoing this activity. You can budget at the beginning of the month by determining the maximum amount of funds you will allocate for this activity.

If at the beginning of the month you allocated 15% of your funds for self-rewards, then you can use half of it.

Look for additional income

Rather than cutting back on expenses that end up making your life less quality, it would be better for you to look for side income to finance your activities during long holidays.

Try to look for these opportunities through side jobs or small businesses.

For the time being, avoid debt if the step you choose is to do business. Instead of adding to the financial burden, consider a pre-order (PO) system, or something else that can make your business capital safe.

Take advantage of the time to study & keep your body healthy

Vacations don't have to be used for entertainment. Sometimes, you can use it to sharpen your soft skills or hard skills by reading books, listening to podcasts, or watching educational videos on the internet.

Apart from that, the four days off can also be used to exercise. You can get the opportunity to practice at home, the gym, or any place freely, without having to rush.

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