This Boss Makes 91% of Employees Become Billionaires, Stay Rich & Not Become Poor

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – In work relationships, bosses are often considered annoying employees. However, this assumption does not seem to be the case for employees who have bosses like Mark Cuban.

Mark Cuban is different from other bosses. He succeeded in making his employees happy and rich. During his time as boss, he succeeded in making 91% of his employees instant billionaires. What's the story?

Please note, Mark Cuban is a billionaire from the United States (US) who has assets US$ 5.4 billion or Rp. 85.9 trillion. This amount of wealth was obtained from investments and Cuban business networks that have been established for decades.

While doing business, Cuban is known to have an interesting habit that is different from other entrepreneurs, namely always setting aside profits for company employees. This was done after selling the company.

“In every business I have sold, I have paid bonuses to every employee who worked there for more than a year,” Cuban said on his personal X account, quoted Monday (10/6/2024)

He first did this in 1990. At that time he sold his first company, MicroSolutions, which was engaged in software development for US$ 6 million. However, not all of the nominal money went into Cuban's account.

He only took 20% of that amount of money. Meanwhile, the rest was given free of charge to its 80 employees.

CNBC Make It noted that this distribution earned a person US$ 15,000 or the equivalent of Rp. 224 million today. This makes its employees become new rich people.

This kind of attitude is not only done by Cuban once. In 1999, when he sold the company podcasts named to Yahoo for US$ 5.7 billion or the equivalent of Rp. 92 trillion today, he didn't take all the money.

He is known to have distributed money to 330 employees. According to Cuban, this distribution was successful in making 91% of employees become billionaires.

Apart from that, in 2019, when he sold a majority stake in HDNet and the Dallas Mavericks sports club, he also distributed the money from the sale to employees. As reported Fortunefrom the sale of Dallas Maverick for US$ 2 billion he distributed US$ 35 million or Rp. 570 billion to employees.

Policy anti-mainstream Cuban did this as a form of gratitude for the employees' hard work. For Cuban, the employees at the company are an important aspect that got him to his current position.

This story is just one of Cuban's positive attitudes that has been revealed to the public. Previously, Cuban once said that he achieved success thanks to following his father's advice. When he was little, his father gave him advice about time and saving.

To Cuban, his father advised that time is limited, so if you only work in a company, someone will have no future. This advice then made the man born July 31 1958 go into business.

Meanwhile, regarding saving, Cuban developed this habit because his father refused to buy new things. Cuban was encouraged by his father to earn money and put it aside for what he wanted.

In the end, such positive attitudes made Mark Cuban is included in the ranks of the richest people in the United States with assets of IDR 85.9 trillion

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