This is the figure behind the success and owner of ABC Battery

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Indonesian people certainly know ABC battery products. In fact, this product is very embedded in the lives of Indonesian people. This battery is so popular that many foreign companies have difficulty marketing their products.

The success of ABC battery products cannot be separated from the figure of Chandra Djojonegoro. Together with Chu Sok Sam, the two of them initially founded PT Everbright in 1959 in Medan. The company focuses on dry cell manufacturing.

Then, in 1968, PT. International Chemical Industry or Intercallin. This company itself also serves foreign markets.

In 1996, PT. International Chemical Industry began producing AA/LR6 size alkaline batteries. In 2000, the company started production of AAA/LR03 size alkaline batteries.

Currently, PT International Chemical Industry has made various variants of carbon zinc batteries in sizes D, C, AA and AAA with several grades, namely Super Power, New Special, Standard and Economy.

To meet market demand, PT International Chemical Industry has factories in Jakarta and Surabaya. For the Surabaya factory, the production location is used for distribution in East Java and Eastern Indonesia.

Meanwhile, for company management, currently ABC is managed by Chandra Djojonegoro's son, Husain Djojonegoro. In the Forbes ranking, Husain is included in the 50 richest people in Indonesia with total wealth reaching US$ 1.25 billion or around Rp. 18.1 trillion.

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