This Logistics Startup Uses AI, Its Transport Trucks Are Empty-proof

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Logistics startup Deliveree uses artificial intelligence (AI) features in running its business. Starting from route selection, smart scheduling, tracking and updating the latest status, communication media, and digitizing documents, everything has been done digitally.

Deliveree Indonesia Country Manager Apoorvaa Agarwal said, Deliveree also applies an AI-based intelligent routing and scheduling system, predictive analysis to estimate arrival and delivery times.

This includes real-time tracking and delivery status updates, 24-hour communication facilities between customers and drivers, vendors and the Deliveree CS team as well as digital documentation.

“This innovation reduces the number of trucks operating without a load, thereby increasing the income of drivers/vendors. As a result, customers can enjoy lower shipping costs,” he said, Thursday (28/3/2024).

Currently, Deliveree has nearly 100,000 driver partners and truck entrepreneurs throughout Southeast Asia.

“Our platform serves and completes almost 10,000 deliveries using trucks every day and this number continues to grow rapidly. We also have more than 30,000 active truck drivers and truck vendors every month, and this number continues to grow,” he concluded

In terms of funding, Deliveree most recently received Series C funding of US$ 70 million or the equivalent of Rp. 1.03 trillion from Gobi Partners and Salam Pacific Indonesia Lines (SPIL) Ventures.

Apart from that, Deliveree's existing investor, Inspire Ventures, also provided funding of around US$ 39 million or around Rp. 577 billion. Thus, the total funding collected was US$ 109 million, equivalent to IDR 1.61 trillion.

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